"What to say about FriendBurst ..very easy , this place really rocks in every way possible ,Kevin ..you do a great job here , always reply to our messages , ready to help , i mean REAL HELP lol..nothing like M________ ..This place here is very users friendly , kudos to you and Karen , you pay attention to our needs and opinions .I don't feel the need to go private here and to me it's a plus , on M________ i had no choice but to go private. FriendBurst is on the right way , keeps growing and will reach it's goals. FriendBurst is NOW the place to be and I AM here to stay Smile
Thanks again for everything Kevin"
group hugentertainedlove Angelica Wandering Angel

"Hi Kevin,I am from Myspace and so are a lot of my friends that are here.We were all looking for a site that we could call home and when we heard about Friendburst one by one we all started to come here.Friendburst is our new home away from home.I feel safe here because I know that you are watching out for us and you only have our best interest in mind.You personally helped me with my layout when I first came here,I want to thank you for that.Friendburst is a place for sharing and caring it is the place I want to be"Bella

"it's a community feel here instead of just a social networking site, it feels warm and cosy, sorta like a snuggle blanket Smile You feel included...
I am very grateful you and Karen started it here Smile
Much love and appreciation love" sixx

"In my opinion, the best thing about Friendburst is having an admin that really cares about their site. It is so refreshing to actually have somebody listen their users and respect our wishes and needs. I think that is why Friendburst will have a long and prosperous life (no pun intended). Thanks for being there for us." Rod

We were one of the most popular poetry sites on MySpace ~ when MySpace migrated to 3.0 we began looking for a site that allowed social interaction on the blogs so we could continue offering the sort of interaction that we were accustomed to. Non quite measured up, until we found friendburst!!! So we planned our move and are settling in... We so look forward to providing a social poetry site that truly ROCKs on friendburst ~ See you 1 May 2011 Woo Hoo"

Lady Cheryl & The CPC Crew

"Friendburst cares about it's members and is always on top of whatever problem may arise...Always treating people like they are equal - like they matter and it shows. Here , we are a part instead of "just members" Smile FRIENDBURST ROCKS!!!" Jean

"Kevin…" Janie55

"I like that all like a big big Family!" Mikel



"I also was on MySpace for many years, and it went to hell: I had made many wonderful friends around the world, and wanted to keep in touch with them all.We tried a few other sites, then landed here. For me personally, I love FriendBurst because it's not only uncomplicated to use, and even if it was in some area's you can always rely on fast and efficient help, and in layman terms Smile
Last and most important, the name says it all: I love the Burst of Friendship here...
Keep up the good work, because it is very appreciated.
Many Thanks"

"I to was on MY Space faithfully for four years, had over 600 friends. Little by little they made changes here & there I didn't like them but but I adjusted to them. This last change was the last straw. I have been to almost all the other sites & they were ok but Iwas not really happy .

Then a friend told me about FriendBurst. Told me to just try it She knew I would like it. You know what She was RIGHT. The very first day I was hooked ,I love everything about it I love how you let us know what you are doing & ask us what we think .
This is my home now & pland to be here a long time Thanks for Caring GREAT JOB !!" American Gal

"finally have a place to be myself and be with my friends and have all my fun stuff! Some of us are moved away from our families... You all have been a wonderful family to me! Bless all of you! Thanks Kev!" Mary Margaret

"there are many sites which say they are "artist friendly", but finding such a site which allows me the freedom to expose my .gif animated artwork into the design of my profile, my comments to friendburst friends, and into the dashboard are actually very rare. i am very happy to have found such a site here at friendburst, and invite all other artists to come and express their creativity!"

"FriendBurst has it all & if for some reason you find something it doesn`t Kevin & team will look into it and add it on Not to mention everything works, easy to access Most important You are not just a number here They want you to enjoy Frienburst.Hope you join our friends/family in heart, today.. LovePeace ~Blessings, shared~" It's me Diane