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Many have asked what I do and what I am involved in so I have copied and pasted a short Biography…
Please see below.
Hope you enjoy what I have to share… LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU ALL...

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Formal Biography:

Sas-Leon Paul J.P.L King also simply known as Sas-Leon or (Manifest). British Composer, Actor, Writer, Lyricist and Philosopher - born in Leytonstone, London England. He completed his studies throughout London and is also reported as a Life Coach, Mentor and unbound creative Artist.

Sas-Leon has gracefully shared views which many have benefited from. A self educated student of ancient history and metaphysics, which are expressed within his shared philosophies, Music compositions.

Sas-Leon like many in this day and age is known for challenging the norm and encourages others to do the same, thinking and creating outside the box to the point of realization that there is no box. supporting Colleges, Schools and Charities over the years through various job roles.

Creator of Manifest Fusion Music Productions which is simply a title he gave to his own limited productions which progressed from a home music studio in 2000.

Sas-Leon has pioneered astonishing sounds which are performed in all his music and based on his awareness of the importance of vibration and energy that each and every individual possess. To his continual surprise, the creativity and love for the piano beats/drums, strings and the synthesizer thereof has touched the hearts across the globe.


It is apparently obvious that there are no limits to a person's evolving and therefore creativity. We have humbly concluded, nothing is original but all is formed from inspiration. The tones of all music composition are vibration; this confirms and conveys a musician’s ability create from inner silence (No Mind) an arrangement of vibrations to others.

Depending on what kind of inner vibration we have and then further choose the music to listen to, music is a great healer. However, there is limitless stimulation for artists, known or unknown, so let us all appreciate the ability of creation which we receive from our Source, The Forever Expanding Prime-Creator/God/Universe.

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Enyarwen wrote at November 3, 11:16:29 am

Castles and romantism ... Smile Have a nice week end my friends ... all around the world **** Love ♥

Châteaux et romantisme ... Smile Passez un super week end mes amis ... tout autour du monde **** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 1, 11:59:30 am

After festivities, time comes to have some fresh air, long walk in woods, and prepare ourselves to this awesome month, often misunderstood, because of its greyness .... it's a time of reflection, meditation, we have to cherish the inner light more than ever ..... Beautiful November to all ♥

Music by Michel Pépé

Après des festivités, le temps vient de prendre l'air bien frais, marcher longtemps dans des bois et nous préparer à ce mois merveilleux, souvent mal compris, à cause de sa grisaille .... c'est un temps de réflexion, de méditation, nous devons chérir la lumière intérieure plus que jamais..... Beau novembre à tous ♥♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 31, 11:24:12 am

Ready for the last day of October ? Enjoy the next night and meet your fav witches and wizards ... Love and Light, anyway, always triumph **** HUgs ♥

Prêts pour le dernier jour d'Octobre? Profitez bien de la nuit prochaine, rencontrez vos sorcières et magiciens préférés ... De toute façon, l' Amour et la Lumière triomphent toujours Smile *** Bisous ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 29, 11:19:35 am

Happy, funny, creepy Halloween **** Watch terrific movies and share sweets, or tricks Wink *** Bloody kisses to all Smile

Music by Jeremy Blake

Joyeux, terrifiant, amusant Halloween *** Regardez des films d'épouvante, partagez des bonbons ou des sorts Wink Bisous sanglants à tous Smile

Enyarwen wrote at October 27, 10:17:51 am

Festival of Samhain starts this week end, dark and light , death and life, to break all fears ... Have a wonderful time, and feel the strong vibes of this transition *** Love ♥

Le Festival de Samhain commence ce week end, obscurité et lumière, mort et vie, pour briser toutes les peurs ... Passez un merveilleux moment et ressentez les fortes vibrations de cette transition *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 25, 10:26:49 am

Something weird, noises, apparitions .... hmmm maybe unknown guests make a saraband in the house .... let's go and be brave Smile

Music : Rouse, by Density and Time

Quelque chose de bizarre, des bruits, des apparitions ... hmmm peut être des invités inconnus qui font la sarabande dans la maison ... allez y et soyez courageux Smile

Enyarwen wrote at October 23, 10:23:59 am

Full Moon before Samhain .... Our Sorceresses are preparing the great Festival **** Brews are singing in cauldrons Smile Have a great time *** ♥

Music by Silent Partner

Pleine Lune avant Samhain, nos sorcières préparent la grande Fête *** Les potions chantent dans les chaudrons Smile Passez de bons moments *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 21, 10:36:24 am

Hello dear friends, nice Sunday to you and a good week ahead *** Maybe some of you will recognize their country Smile Love and Light to all ♥

Music by Geographer

Bonjour chers amis, bon dimanche et belle semaine à tous *** Certains d'entre vous reconnaîtront leur pays ou région Smile Amour et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 19, 10:22:10 am

My heart in Autumn is like a traveler, exhausted by long months away, and finally reaches its home, and can have some rest, in sweetness and peace *** Have a perfect day *** Love ♥

Mon coeur en Automne est comme un voyageur épuisé après des mois passés au loin, et qui atteint finalement son foyer, et peut se reposer, dans la douceur et la paix *** Que votre journée soit parfaite *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 17, 10:42:36 am

Traditional song from a wonderful country, Scotland, and famous Loch Lomond .... I added some pics of Scottish celebrities we appreciate in cinema or series ... Have a nice middle week ** ♥

Un chant traditionnel d'une superbe région, l'Ecosse, et de son fameux Loch Lomond *** J'ai ajouté les photos de quelques célébrités Ecossaises que nous apprécions dans les films et les séries *** Très bon mercredi à tous *** ♥

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