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Hermien JD wrote at May 21, 1:14:33 pm

Thanks for your friendship and nice comments
You rock !

Hermien JD
SpecialOpsDarkAngel wrote at April 6, 3:36:24 am

hi, i am using your midnight layout, very cool! but i had some problems. 1. it made my video playlist super small. i am a video producer and would like to share my productions on my profile. and 2. is it possible to expand the entire layout to 100%, the advanced setting won't permit me to over ride the css. (i am visually impaired and like things as big as i can get, lol)

THANK YOU!! i really do love the layout!

Animal Rights wrote at February 26, 4:20:22 pm
Welcome to the Animal Rights page!
Thank you for visiting.

I am NOT here telling you that you are evil for eating meat.

am only here to educate people on the heartbreaking realities of the cruelty
industry, that being the one that uses animals for food, science,
clothing and entertainment.

Animals are capable of feeling fear,
pain, sadness, love and being happy just as humans do, and my goal is to
help people see that and to put an end to the suffering of these
innocent living beings.

Animal Rights
Animal Rights wrote at February 2, 7:55:13 pm
I found this interesting....


In this photo:
Animal Rights
Animal Rights wrote at January 31, 11:36:33 am


Act On What You Know Is True
by Guy Finley

Truthful principles can only act as agents of change for us when we choose to enact them. Their capacity to restore self-command, grant us a mind at peace, or deliver us from fearful dark states is only as great as our willingness to call upon their powers. That’s why we must do the personal work it takes to put higher principles into practice. Napoleon Hill, one of the early great pioneers of personal development, asserts: “We can become complete masters of ourselves, if we so desire. The main thought to hold in mind is first to gain the knowledge, and secondly to act upon it.” And then act upon it! Wisdom is the seed of freedom, but only in action do we see it flower.

Study the special lessons that follow closely. Welcome their insight by allowing the wisdom they contain to remind you of their corresponding part in your own consciousness. Little by little, but surely as the acorn becomes the oak, you will know and grow into their power. New courage will flow into all of your actions, and the change will be unmistakable. Instead of reliving old reactions that take you nowhere, your path will become one of ceaseless transformation. And the fuel that drives this upward spiral of self-renewal is simple. You are learning to act on what you know is true about negative states, instead of allowing them to tell you what is true about you.

1. Understand that any lingering sense of discontent belongs to an inconsolable level of self that believes it can escape its pain by reliving it. Giving yourself over to this kind of unconscious suffering is like falling off a boat at sea and hoping that a great white shark will save you if you promise to feed it a small sardine. You know what happens next! Now, have the courage to act on this knowledge: Refuse to ever again hand yourself over to a nature that loves to complain about its circumstances, even as it does nothing to change them. Your reward: Being released from the false belief that dark thoughts or feelings have any power to improve your life.

2. Understand that there are parts of you that always want to take the easy way—to do things half-way, to avoid unnecessary challenges, to coast whenever possible and pedal only as needed. Now have the courage to act on this knowledge: Deliberately choose to take the more difficult path, and finish whatever you start. Walk into what you’d rather walk away from, and persist with what you know is true for you until all resistance to your new actions proves itself a lie. Your reward: Discovering that on the other side of the resistance is the flow that always takes you, effortlessly, beyond yourself.

3. Understand that being anxious—rushing to or through things—does nothing but drive you nowhere faster! When you find you’re in a mad rush, remember that what you’re really trying to get to is a quiet mind—that peaceable state of your original Self reached only through this realization: There’s no place more empowering for you to be than in the present moment. Now have the courage to act on this knowledge: Deliberately slow down your life. Dare to stand directly in the stream of your own rushing thoughts and feelings—instead of allowing them to carry you away. Your reward: The deeply refreshing realization of what it means to be “washed clean” of anxious states.

4. Understand—in spite of the highly polished performances to make you believe otherwise—that everyone you meet suffers in much the same way as you do. No one wants others to know the weight of their unspoken pain. And yet, all are burdened with broken dreams, shattered hearts, and whatever other sorrow walks with them through their day.

Now have the courage to act on this knowledge: Refuse to ever again add to the pain of another, even a small measure of your own. Whatever suffering you agree to shoulder in this way not only helps to lighten the load of those in need, but also serves to awaken within you the strength you need to be a real “friend in deed.” Your reward: The birth of a whole new kind of compassion that not only flowers when faced with the weakness of others, but whose fragrance helps heal all those who are touched by it. Always remember: Your original Self cannot help but act from what is right, bright, and true any more than the sun has to remember to shine each day.


Animal Rights
Animal Rights wrote at January 27, 8:01:26 pm

✿ღ•ʚįɞ✿ღ✿ We Love Parrots ✿ღ•ʚįɞ✿ღ✿


nearly one third of parrot species threatened in the wild and millions
of birds needing proper care in captivity, there has never been a better
time for you to take action to save parrots.

Please sign this petition:

Target: Government Leaders in South Africa
Sponsored by: World Parrot Trust
Africa plays a central role in the rampant legal and illegal trade in
wild birds, threatening many species' long term survival, killing
thousands of animals, and creating biosecurity risks to agriculture and
public health.

We the undersigned call upon the Republic of South
Africa to implement an immediate moratorium on the import and export of
all wild birds until such risk can be effectively studied, remedied or

☮*´¨(✿◠‿◠)❀ ♫❤ ☼ ☾*´☮¨*♥*

Animal Rights
Animal Rights wrote at January 20, 12:06:25 am

Choose Peace

Choose Peace
by Ralph Marston

The peace you experience comes from who

and what you are, and how you choose to be.

The world around you can be full

of turmoil and strife, and yet you can be

completely at peace in your own heart.

Peace is one of the surest signs of strength.

Inner peace brings true outer strength.

Those who lack confidence feel the need to lash out.

Those who are strong have what it takes

to stay calm and peaceful.

When your identity and fulfillment are tied to fleeting,

superficial things, it is impossible to remain at peace.

When you invest your being in true and lasting values,

and when you remain ever vigilant to those values,

you develop the confidence and strength to be peaceful.

Peace cannot be forced on anyone, and true peace

cannot be forcibly taken from anyone.

Peace comes to those who are strong enough

and wise enough to choose it,

and with that peace comes an abundance

of living that is otherwise impossible to know.

Choose peace. And with the strength

of your choice, help it to grow.

Love & Light,
♥Angel Love♥

Animal Rights
Animal Rights wrote at January 19, 12:22:57 pm
Animal Rights
MarsMuzik wrote at December 30, 5:54:04 pm
Have a SAFE and Happy New Year