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I love the sexy girl pics but not the porn stuff. I will delete them. I'm serious. Thanks!
*danny* wrote at June 8, 1:42:06 pm

For my angel girl I decided to fire this up for more fun sharing and playlists and things... I love you <3

Last Update on June 8, 1:56:10 pm by *danny*
Bella wrote at October 13, 2:56:03 am

Hope your day is good...hugs

Bella wrote at October 5, 11:01:21 pm

Love and hugs.

Bella wrote at August 19, 10:43:22 pm

Hope your day was good.

Bella wrote at August 19, 10:26:40 pm

Here's looking at you kid.

Bella wrote at August 10, 3:31:03 pm

 photo 48fbb4d5aa4a2.jpg

Absinthe wrote at July 28, 6:35:49 pm

May you have a blessed week 


Bella wrote at July 10, 3:53:59 am

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 photo www_eroglamour_com-5-jardins-de-babylone_-andrey-yakovlev-amp-lili.jpg
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 photo www_eroglamour_com-8-jardins-de-babylone_-andrey-yakovlev-amp-lili.jpg
Hope your weekend is good...love and hugs.
Bella wrote at June 25, 4:33:20 am

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 photo IMG_1369.jpg
 photo IMG_1371.jpg
 photo katie louise ford 2.jpg
Just relax and have fun today...hugs Bella
Bella wrote at June 15, 7:02:28 am

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 photo PHYLLISHAVER48.jpg
Hope you have a bright sun shiny day...hugs.
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