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Rott On

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Rott On
Rott on! The story begins. Rott came about after guitarist Danny started looking for a new and dynamic sound from his early days listening to speed metal and Lita Ford albums.
Without hesitation, new vocalist Isabella brings over her playlist, some Rolling Rock, a small stuffed rottweiler and belts out a Layne Staley tune over the PA.
The rest of the band is stunned. Not just because of her indefinable beauty but something else. This chick can really sing. "Put those Tool lyrics down a second and lets jam some Nightwish." And so it continued...

With new vocalist Isabella (Bella for short), now in the line-up, Rott is poised to gain even more attention from fans in Europe where they have received recognition from magazines and webzines in the UK, France, Italy, Greece and The Netherlands.
Their latest album is being produced by Eric Greedy Music Productions in Los Angeles on their new label Ravenheart Music Records. Vocalist Isabella is excited, "I couldn't be happier than right now ;)"
The bands music has been described as an influence of several artists. As Dave Smith from Ravenheart Music summarizes, “the music Rott play I suppose is similar to Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice In Chains and Evanescence.”
Rott entered the studio in April 2007 and released the single Afterlife June 1, 2007 which appears on their first release Out of Time. Afterlife was an immediate hit for fans starving for new material from the group which hails from Spirit Lake, Idaho where they formed in May 2001. The single was picked up immediately on Internet radio station Livehardrock.com and an interview with founding member Danny on mainstream rock station Rock 94 ½ in Spokane, Washington followed on June 8th.

This is not the first time the band has received such amazing support from media and fans alike. "I am so grateful to have such a positive response from fans", said guitarist Danny, "It's a huge honor."

Thanks to the overwhelming response from European fans after their 2002 debut CD received airplay in Greece, Rott then became noticed in major webzines Born to Die™zine in Poland, Temple of Metal in Greece, rock-in-chair.com in France and even received attention in Argentina from webzine musicextreme.com.

Since that time, Rott has developed a following in Europe, South America, Mexico, Australia, Asia and the United States.

Some of the bands influences include Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice in Chains, Evanescence and Within Temptation as well as old-school speed metal bands.

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Country: Germany
City: Dreieich