Are you a musician or band? If you are Friendburst wants to help. Our promotions director, Angelica is a musician so we know how busy your schedules can be. We are here to help you get started and setup on one of the hottest new social networks today. Check out some of the musicians here on Friendburst

Here are some of the features and benefits:
1) Like all our members musicians get a customizable profile page. You can embed music, video players, pictures and much more.

2) We verify all musicians that sign up. Once verified your profile page will be tagged as a 'verified musician'.

3) All musicians and bands have a separate music page where they can upload songs, events, share videos and news. As a brand new feature, once someone 'friends' your main page, they will also auto-follow your music page so your fans can stay more connected to you and not have to worry about finding your music page and following that separately.

4) Once a music page is created, whenever you upload a new song, video, event, your fans that are following your music page will receive a notification.

5) You get a cool music player. Here is a sample:

6) Benefits of the Friendburst music player/playlist include:
a) Embeddable. This is a cool option. Just like youtube, you can embed your music player on your own website if you have one. You can also put your music playlist about anywhere on your profile, in blogs, friendburst bulletins and much more.
b) You may create multiple playlists and order the songs anyway you want.
c) Sharing, there is a share button where you can share on facebook, twitter or many of the major social sites.
d) A new feature, if you have a song you want to let members download, you can flag the song to enable it to be downloaded. If not the default is NOT to be able to download.
e) Another very cool feature, if you share the url of one of your uploaded songs on facebook, your facebook fans can play the song right from facebook and see and listen to your friendburst music player right in your facebook status.
f) Selling your music, if you wish, you can sell any of your music, friendburst would take a small percentage for processing. This is totally Optional, and if you opt to sell you can choose which songs to sell.

7) Live streaming of events. Because sites like ustream offers their players to be embeddable, you can embed the ustream player on your website, blog, or bulletin when there is a special event.

8) Each month we have a new musician of the month that gets featured on our main page. Go to before you login and check out the banner on top and the music player down below in the page. At the end of the year we have a special event where we choose the Friendburst Musician of the Year.

9) We regularly feature songs, and do shout outs to musicians, not only on Friendburst, but on other social sites we have a presence on such as Twitter and Facebook.

10) If you are extremely busy, you can setup an admin for your music page so it can be maintained while you are on tour.

11) We care about our musicians and that is why we became both a BMI and ASCAP licensee. This is to ensure musicians that join up know that we are supporting them!

12) The Friendburst Music Charts! Being active on Friendburst can help propel musicians to the top of our charts. We have charts by musicians and charts by song popularity

But, the biggest benefit of all, we are here to help. Have a question, need some assistance, just ask.

Friendburst Founder and Member


Musician Testimonials:

Special thanks to Kevin and everyone at FriendBurst for making a very Musician and Entertainer friendly site.
With features like storage for free of your songs(Reverbnation and many sites charge for this) and allow you to sell your songs from FriendBurst for a small %. Kevin and the staff also do a lot to promote the musicians on the site, musicians of the month etc. And also allows you to embed the music player not only on profile here but any website that allows you to put an embedded music player. All in all Friendburst tried to help the musician to promote their music, rather than make it hard for you to do anything (like Facebook & Mysapce)They also allow you to do custom html and css code in your profile.
Larry Rust -
Former Keyboardist & Vocalist Iron Butterfly 1999-2005

kevin and friendburst have put together the best musician friendly website out of the 40 sites i am on. there is so much, music, art, video, photography and so many more interesting things to enjoy. i have never seen a musician website with video tutorials which makes it less frustrating and makes you not want to continue. the video tutorials are clear and concise plus the forums also help. all the friends and followers are there to help and are so so friendly. my choice for number one,
- tali icepack jackson -