Member Benefits at Friendburst

Friendburst is a full featured social network. We think of ourselves as the 'independent' of social networks and are not tied to any large corporations for funding. All the basic features are 'free'.

Here are just a few of the great features Friendburst has to offer:
1) Express your individuality and creativity with a Fully Customizable profile page that includes privacy settings. On your profile you can use html, css, embed videos from youtube, embed pictures from places like photobucket to make your profile 'truly' unique. Don't know html, or css? Don't worry! We have hundreds of pre-made profile layouts to give you a great profile in minutes, you can even window shop, pick a layout you like and easily change the background. We have made creating a great profile layout easy for both the notice and advanced member.

2) Member Driven! These are not just words with us, it is our philosopy. ALL our improvements come from ideas our members want, NOT what we think they want. As a member your voice counts, and while we can't please everyone, we try as hard as we can.

3) Picture gallery. You can upload picture and set privacy settings.

4) Groups. At Friendburst we have great groups members can join to find other members with similar interest, from music and art to roleplaying, animal rights, religion and politics.

5) A little something for everyone: Games, Blogs, Recipe section (add you own and comment!), Forums, Quizzes, Polls, Events and much more.

6) Easily share videos.

7) Music, great musicians are joining friendburst. Create and share playlists of your favorite Friendburst musicians.

Plus, one of the best things of all -->
A Fun and interactive Dashboard. On the Dashboard members can communicate with all your friends in a fun and easy way.

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