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Artist Summary
Genres: Electronica/Dance / Psychedelic / Ambient/ World /Jazz/ Dreamscapes
Label: Passing Phase Records
Management: Siddhartha Gotama
Artist Bio

Lee Negin is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, synthesist, sound sculptor, vocalist, producer and recording engineer. He was a pioneer in the international Indie/techno/new wave movement of the 1980s, and his recordings receive airplay and distribution around the world, and are available at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. He is listed as an influential artist in "The International Discography of the New Wave." He has several critically acclaimed videos on YouTube.

Leaving the USA 22 years ago (San Francisco), he has lived in India, UK, Japan (15 years), Warsaw, Poland and for the past 5 years in South Korea. He has traveled in over 40 countries. Currently a university professor.

Two CDs of new material are slated for release in 2011: "Hungry Ghosts" in February, and "Wu Wei" in the summer. Several EPs and new videos will also be released. One of his songs, the techno classic "Nothing Goes Right" from the 1980's appears on a compilation released on a German label, Genetic Music, in March 2010. More info: http://leenegin.com http://passingphasemusic.com

On the Charts

Lee Negin's music has achieved global airplay and chart action. For example, on charts compiled by Maemeeti, a fan-voting site, "Masks" reached #2 on the Indie Dance/Nu Disco chart and #3 on the House-Electro chart. "The Dance" hit #3 on the House -Electro Chart, while "Tranquil Abiding" and "Mind...the Gap" went to #2 and #4 respectively on the Lounge-Ambient-Chill Out chart. "Nothing Goes Right" reached #5 on the Techno chart.Currently, "The Saga of Cheeze" from "Hungry Ghosts" is #1 in the world on Maemeeti's Indie Dance / Nu Disco Chart, and "Mandala 2" is ranked at #2 on the Lounge-Ambient-Chill Out Chart. The Saga of Cheeze is #2 in Korea on Reverb Nation's Electronica/Dance Chart.

In addition, Negin's "Masks" spent three solid months in the #3 position on Reverb Nation's Electronica/Dance chart in Korea, while "The Dance" reached #10 on Rebeat's (international digital music distributor) mixed genre chart of most requested downloads in the world.

"Hungry Ghosts" is currently receiving airplay on over 150 college radio stations in North America, as well as in Japan, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Indonesia and France.


Selected reactions to Lee Negin's "Hungry Ghosts" album:

"Mixture of ambient and electro pop. Very much a mind-bending trip of sounds. Outstanding album -- great on loud systems."

--Paul Readman, Music World Radio 1

"The whole album is a floating trip of sounds and vocals that takes you to another place."
--Demand Records, U.K.

"Lee Negin is hitting what seems to be yet another apex in his music career."
--Chris Constantino, SonicTribe Network

"Sometimes people who have had near-death experiences say that they are taken to a place where their entire life flashes before their eyes, and in 'The Dance,' that's what I felt."

--Sheena Metal, LATalkRadio

"A stimulating listen. So take some time to ponder intellectual relativity and the space aliens living in your inner ear."

--John Shelton Ivany Top 21

"Hearing this artist's expertly produced work is to experience a vision aimed beyond the realm of pop. ...Negin never offers the same sound twice, employing singers as ensemble instruments and working with sounds in a way that reminds us at times of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Wendy Carlos."

- Music Connection Magazine, April 2011

"Lee Negin is an eccentric genius. Not content with just (!) being a university professor and a globe-trotting life – Negin has lived in Japan, India, Poland and, currently, South Korea, since leaving America 21 years ago – he has spent over three decades producing experimental music to the point of (near) perfection. His new album ‘Hungry Ghosts’ – released February 7th – is a mad masterpiece....it’s addictive and blissful.

Author: Clive Rozario, AAA Music

And, in refusing to review it, the venerable New Music Express said it was "A bit too far off the wall for us."


"Hungry Ghosts" and other songs are on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp and Amazon.





Enyarwen wrote at March 28, 11:49:06 am

Maybe some pretty mermaids live in fountains too Wink Happy week to all *** Love ♥

Peut-être que quelques jolies sirènes vivent elles aussi dans les fontaines Wink Joyeuse semaine à tous *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 22, 11:43:18 am

Have a great midweek, maybe with sun and sweet breeze Smile Chivalry mood today **** Love ♥

Passez un super mercredi, avec peut être un peu de soleil et une douce brise Smile En mode chevalerie aujourd'hui *** Love ♥

Music by Blackmore's Night

Enyarwen wrote at March 19, 10:44:01 am

Welcome to the new season *** Enjoy Spring and Nature *** Peace and Light in all hearts *** Love ♥

Bienvenue à la nouvelle saison *** Profitez du Printemps et de la Nature *** Paix et Lumière dans tous les coeurs *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 16, 10:15:22 am

Happy St Patrick's Day tomorrow *** Dance and sing, celebrate and share ** Blessings to all Irish friends ♥♥

Joyeuse fête de St Patrick demain *** Dansez et chantez, célébrez et partagez ** Soyez heureux, chers amis Irlandais ♥♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 13, 10:22:57 am

Sometimes you just have the blues, for different reasons ... it's like a secret feeling inside you ... it comes, and it goes .... Have a sweet week ♥

Parfois vous avez juste le vague à l'âme, pour diverses raisons ... c'est comme un sentiment secret à l'intérieur de vous ... il vient, et il part ... Passez une douce semaine ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 10, 10:24:45 am

We have many dreams we can't fulfill, but we can go on dreaming **** Have a great week end dear friends *** Love ♥

Nous avons beaucoup de rêves non réalisés , mais nous pouvons continuer de rêver **** Passez un super week end chers amis *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 7, 10:15:51 am

Beautiful day to all women around the world tomorrow ... and every day ♥ Love, respect .... ♥♥

Très belle journée pour toutes les femmes du monde demain ... et chaque jour ♥ Amour, respect ... ♥♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 3, 11:22:18 am

Happy week end to all *** Take time to rest and chill out *** Much Love to all ♥

Joyeux week end à tous *** Prenez le temps de vous reposer et de vous détendre *** Beaucoup d'amour à tous ♥

Enyarwen wrote at March 1, 11:25:16 am

All little people prepare the new season for our happiness ... Have a nice March everyone ... Love and Light ♥

Tout le petit peuple prépare la nouvelle saison pour notre plus grand bonheur ... Bon mois de Mars à tous ... Amour et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at February 27, 10:16:33 am

Once again the Three, the Elf, the Angel and the Fae, go in another adventure against the darkness *** Light always wins Smile Good week to all ♥

Une fois encore, le Trio part dans une nouvelle aventure en combat contre les Ténèbres *** La Lumière triomphe toujours Smile Bonne semaine à tous ♥

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