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Enyarwen wrote at March 4, 2:15:01 am

Have a beautiful day dear friends

With Love

Let Things Be

This time your sky is so grey
You can't play or even pray
It's no offence just self defence
You hide your heart away

You gotta let things be
You gotta let things be
Got to let things be
You got to let things be

I sing for you a melody
To ease your broken heart
I'll dry your tears with words of old
If you just let things be

I see your smile so sad and fake
The pain that makes you quake
You got to let things be
You got to let things be

I sing for you this melody
Doves wing upon a broken heart
Life is better when you see
The light eternally

Got to let things be
You got to let things be
You got to let things be
Got to let things be

I'm your angel strong and true
So far away but in your heart
You will feel a presence close to you
If you just let things be

Yeah you got to let things be
You got to let things be
Yeah yeah yeah
Got to let things be

Plisken/Roberts/Eny 2011

Advocate for Saving Dogs™ wrote at March 4, 12:10:12 am

Free as a Bird

You may have thought that life is about accumulating when, all the while, life is about letting go. Give way to life. Give away all you hold to you. Wean yourself away from your possessions. You are not your possessions. You are so much more. Have joy from what passes through your hands. Holding is not pleasure, for it is yourself you hold prisoner.

Let go of the idea of ownership. It is a mistake. All is owned by all, therefore, nothing is possessed.

Owning separates. Not owning joins. You have free will when you don’t own. When you own, the dependence upon the physical takes away your free will. You may think you live alone or for yourself alone, but you have adopted a couch, a chair, a kitchen, a pool. You have adopted a way of life that may be holding you back.

Take good care of what is in your care. Polish the furniture and bless it, but own it? No, for then it owns you.

Is it not said that you lay your treasures up in Heaven? Beloveds, it’s clear you can’t take that oil painting with you.

What you cannot take with you, you don’t have to have now. You don’t have to have it later. You don’t have to have it at all. You can walk through a museum, leave all the paintings there, and own them all. Life takes place in your mind, beloveds. You own your thoughts and feelings.

It isn’t that you aren’t to have any belongings. It is your dependency on them that you are not to have. They are not to mean so much to you. They are not to hamper you. They are not to keep you in place.

Owning things tends to keep you in place. Possessions hamper you. They tether you like an elephant. Be untethered.

You have sometimes asked that you be free as a bird. Birds carry nothing with them, oh, perhaps a worm or twig or two. They build a nest, and then they leave it without a backward glance. The birds do not think: “Oh, my beautiful nest. My eggs were hatched here. How can I leave?” The birds were meant to build their nest, and they were meant to leave it.

Now is meant to mean now, not the past, not the future. Now is now.

What do you want to be remembered by? Your oriental rug? The color of your living-room wall? The designer shoes you bought? You know better, beloveds. You know better.

Stay away from attachment in the first place. If you must feel attached to something, then be attached to Me. I will never lead you astray. I will lead you to green pastures. I will lead you away from what you believe you own, and then you will own the Universe.

The more you own, the more you own. The more you collect, the more you collect.

The more you let go of possessions, the more you let go of grudges. Did you not know that holding on is holding on?

As you hold on to physical possessions, so do you hold on to grudges. There is a parallel. With everything you give away, you gain yourself.

And then you will even give away your self, the huddled self, the little self, and then you will gain the Greatness that you were meant to be and already are. You will really know all that you are as soon as all the debris that you thought was treasure no longer owns you.

Love & Light,
♥Angel Love♥

Advocate for Saving Dogs™
♥ UnIqUe ♥ wrote at March 3, 8:04:01 pm

Life is Like Photography

We Use The Negatives To Develop!!

♥ UnIqUe ♥
♥Janet♥ wrote at March 3, 5:41:02 pm

As the Sun Wakes you up,

And the Dew drops in
As the Clouds Wave Hello,

And the Tree
dance in the breeze

As the mountains
echo your name, and the river
reflects your smile...

Know that today is whatever
You want it to be.

Have a Wonderful Day sweet One!

it s cold by me so stay warm
and stay safe

warm hugs♥
♥ UnIqUe ♥ wrote at March 3, 1:34:04 pm

A kiss is just a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one

♥ UnIqUe ♥
Enyarwen wrote at March 3, 11:41:50 am
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Purity of its name makes it yet a balm
Flowing in each fiber in a sweet caress
As a opened hand, giving all from its palm
To enwrap the heart, so is tenderness

Emanating from Love, but in its own tune
Its notes are subtil, slowly declining
Like drops of nectar, tepid and comforting
Spraying an aura of smooth perfumes

Every soul seeks once a friendly hand
Warmth of a glance, compassionate words
With it, works alchemy of Mighty One
Divine and enchantress, so is Tenderness

Tenderness - ENY

With Love♥

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
Enyarwen wrote at March 3, 2:13:04 am

Hello my dear friends

Thanks for all your sweet comments

Have a nice day/night

Much Love

♥ UnIqUe ♥ wrote at March 2, 11:37:24 pm

♥ UnIqUe ♥
♥ UnIqUe ♥ wrote at March 2, 6:04:04 pm

♥ UnIqUe ♥
Enyarwen wrote at March 2, 2:58:44 pm

Hello my new friend

Thanks for add

Have a nice day

Much Love

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