About Me

Many of you know me as sixx, one of the layout designers here at FriendBurst. I also write and produce music under the name of CatZyz. This is a complete autoplay playlist of my music.

Thank you for allowing me to share a little of me with you--Peace~

Who I'd Like to Meet

My authentic self, and I believe I am doing so through my music. I have only been producing music for about a year but I enjoy it so I hope to keep at it for many years. I label my music as "other" as it is alternative but a bit dark in nature, I prefer to think of it as passionate. I really cannot put a classification on it. It is truly my own style. I have been blessed to have been born an artist and therefore enjoy all forms of art including photography, choreography, ballet dance, web design, painting and sketching and as well as poetry. It keeps me busy.

I belong to no label and am Independent.

My Manager is my Siamese cat.