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My Endorsements for the upcoming Washington election

2012-07-22 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Let me start by saying that I am totally in favor of election reform.  I firmly believe that a proportional representation system for our legislatures, be they state or Federal, would greatly improve our democracy.  Proportional representation is quite simple: Let’s say you’re electing a 100 member legislature, divided between 10 districts, each with 10 [...]

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Tour d’Joko: Embracing Capitolism

2012-03-05 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I enjoy visiting museums, historical sites and significant buildings.  It’s odd that in 4 years living in Seattle, I have not, until today, taken in our state capitol, a mere 80 miles or so south in the city of Olympia. In a word, it was “quaint”. Part Two of my adventure today was far more [...]

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2011-12-02 BlogBlog RSSRSS

It’s December.  I can’t help but think ahead.  In two weeks, I’ll have my drivers license back, insurance and a dependable vehicle in which to travel.  See, before my life changed 20 months ago, road trips, making videos and exploring the world were my favorite things to do. Few if any of you reading this [...]

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I am Not Going to Die (Part 2)! Although my Bicycle may kill me. New Tour d’Joko.

2011-07-06 BlogBlog RSSRSS

About a week ago, I reported here that I was not going to die… of starvation.  Well, on that same day I got some other news about why I am not going to die…of a heart attack.  See, when I went to the street fair last weekend, I stepped up to the Walgreen’s Mobile Health [...]

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Tour d’Joko: RV Edition

2011-05-19 BlogBlog RSSRSS


Pardon me
For the
the “Explore Blogs” function…

I figured out
to do it.
Might As Well…

Tour d’Joko – RV Edition

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Sausage: Making the Good Out of Who Knows What

2011-04-28 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Sausage. Who amongst the omnivores here doesn’t love sausage? Going back to it’s origins, sausage is the respectable older sibling of the hot dog: let’s take cuts of meat that would otherwise be unpalatable to the western tongue, grind them up with a few regular cuts and stuff the results into something that is 0usable and easily cooked, I.e., intestine casings.

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What Have I Done? Gone to Hell?

2011-01-27 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I discussed in a recent blog the remarkable sequence of synchronicities that lead me to renting my latest apartment. I’m a believer in determinism (with a theistic bent), and am constantly looking for signs which indicate that I am, indeed, on the life path that I am intended to be on.  As one who believes [...]

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Turning My Life Around… again. This time, it’s geographic. A Moving Story.

2011-01-08 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I stared at the notice in disbelief. Eviction. All residents at our unit must vacate these premises by January 31st. Huh? What is this? It had to be some sort of mistake. I just got here! It’s been only three months. There haven’t been any complaints. We’ve paid our rent on time. What the heck [...]

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    • that’s what it took (2)
      • scooter: thanx Debbie…actuall y it can be a bit of a struggle to be optimistic, but I’m getting better at it…
      • Debbie_S: This is a wonderful blog i seen it when i started to write one myself your outlook on life is wonderful if only more of us would think like you , your cruise sounds amazing but the part...
    • Love Is Not a Contract (3)
      • MoonBeam: MoonBeam :Compassion is a derivative of love and without compassion and love there would be no happiness. Likes: 0[Reply]
      • MoonBeam: Compassion is a derivative of love and without compassion and love there would be no happiness. :love:
      • jetspride: Loving your write dearest heart :love:
    • At the Beach – Oregon Coast (3)
      • MoonBeam: Lovely pictures. I’ve been to Oregon; Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, but never made it to the coast. Thanks for sharing :)
    • Bones, My Foster Dog (1)
      • Debbie_S: He is beautiful you have such a kind heart i have always said i wish that i lived on a big farm so i could take all of the animals that need a home my daughter just adopted a beautiful...
    • Mindless (2)
      • WoodstockLynn: I wrote this when I belonged the the poetry group here, in like ten minutes lol. Kinda crazy but it is where my mind went then. Thank you Deb, love you sweetie :) :love:
      • Debbie_S: This is wonderful Lynn i love it :love:
    • SoulMate (2)
      • WoodstockLynn: Thank you so much Debbie, it sure can, like your 2 beings become One :) Thank you so very much for reading my blogs, means a lot to me :) :love:
      • Debbie_S: This is beautiful Lynn spending time with your someone special can make all of the pain and hurt from every day life go away if it is just for a little while .
    • Beyond (2)
      • WoodstockLynn: Thank you so much Richard, mean a lot to me sweetie :) :love:
      • jetspride: Aww..I Love this write Lynn..A very spiritual awakening :love:
    • I Came Upon an Eagle (9)
      • WoodstockLynn: Hi Richard, Thank you so very much and for taking time to read my poem hon. I have a couple more posted in my blogs if you would like to read them. I am adding more soon. Again,...
      • jetspride: It’s so beautiful the way you express yourself here Lynn..I am looking forward to many more :love:
    • Actions, Choices and Consequences (4)
      • WoodstockLynn: Yes Debbie I have done the same thing time and time again so I wrote about it so maybe I would think more before I acted. Didn’t work lol. Thank you so much for your kind...
      • Debbie_S: This is so true Lynn there are time’s i say things before i think about it them or write things i hit that send button then i think oh no why did i say that then as you wrote i am...
    • So Close to You (4)
      • WoodstockLynn: Awww Debbie, that is why writing touches others, we can so relate to them. I am so honored by your words and I know you feel this way about Dale, can feel your vibes and they are so...
      • WoodstockLynn: Thank you so much sweetie, wrote this one for Elmo. I can still actually smell his cologne sometimes, gosh I miss him sweetie.. :love:
      • Debbie_S: I love this Lynn ,i really love it every word that you wrote is how i feel about my Dale every single word of it i would love to be able to say to him if i would have seen it when i...
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