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Profile Comment Hacking

2011-04-05 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Ah, the serial commenters who leave all these pics on our profiles. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? Every day, or every couple of days, they will leave these rather large picture comments on your profile, sometimes accompanied with a generic greeting like “Have a great Monday!”.

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What next for Myspace????

2011-03-01 BlogBlog RSSRSS

It is a bit annoying and irritating that they are being so deceitful and assigning our profiles to “follow” someone without our input or knowledge!

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design and style your friendburst profile – top area

2010-12-05 BlogBlog RSSRSS

• Introduction • Background • Top Area • • Custom Top Banner • Navigation Bar • Middle Area • Profile Header • Contact Box • Profile Image • Left Column • • BasicInfo Section • • Music Section • Right Column • • Updates Section ••• • Input Area ••• • Updates Area ••• • [...]

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