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It’s December.  I can’t help but think ahead.  In two weeks, I’ll have my drivers license back, insurance and a dependable vehicle in which to travel.  See, before my life changed 20 months ago, road trips, making videos and exploring the world were my favorite things to do. Few if any of you reading this [...]

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    • I Came Upon an Eagle (8)
      • jetspride: It’s so beautiful the way you express yourself here Lynn..I am looking forward to many more :love:
      • WoodstockLynn: Thank you so much for taking time to read it Linda, glad you liked it :) Hugs
      • Lindalu: That was beautiful Lynn, thanks for sharing! :wink:
      • Debbie_S: I am sure it will inspire you to start writing again and it always help to know others enjoy your work as well .
      • WoodstockLynn: Aww Connie, Thank you so very much for your kind words. I do love people and so want to heal the world, if only, sweetie. I am trying to get back into writing again, need it. I so...
    • A Boy and the White Stone (4)
      • Dont-U-Believe: The dream was of long ago when I was very small. Still there are times when those memories can take my breath away. Thank you for the huggs… :)
      • Dont-U-Believe: No tears my love… bad dreams fade with time. :love: :love: :love:
      • WoodstockLynn: Oh Dear Friend, tears here too, could feel your pain so intensely. Sad so sad *Hugs*
      • Debbie_S: Tears many Tears :love: My heart breaks :love:
    • Actions, Choices and Consequences (4)
      • WoodstockLynn: Yes Debbie I have done the same thing time and time again so I wrote about it so maybe I would think more before I acted. Didn’t work lol. Thank you so much for your kind...
      • Debbie_S: This is so true Lynn there are time’s i say things before i think about it them or write things i hit that send button then i think oh no why did i say that then as you wrote i am...
      • WoodstockLynn: Thank you so much Connie, means a lot to me :) :love:
      • Thunderous: Gives us to consider our Actions Will they Bring to us peacefulness… Then again… to consider our Actions Lynn this is a good Motivator type poem Good positive vibs
    • So Close to You (4)
      • WoodstockLynn: Awww Debbie, that is why writing touches others, we can so relate to them. I am so honored by your words and I know you feel this way about Dale, can feel your vibes and they are so...
      • WoodstockLynn: Thank you so much sweetie, wrote this one for Elmo. I can still actually smell his cologne sometimes, gosh I miss him sweetie.. :love:
      • Debbie_S: I love this Lynn ,i really love it every word that you wrote is how i feel about my Dale every single word of it i would love to be able to say to him if i would have seen it when i...
      • Thunderous: The power of the senses you have captured The cologne we begin to whiff the aire Then the coffee… Draws right into the writing And as though right there in the Moment Beautiful...
    • What does the World look like to you? (2)
      • WoodstockLynn: Scooter, I so agree with you. I look around and see so much beauty in nature, then I think of man and what we have done to each other and it breaks my heart. I fear for my...
      • Kevin: Great to see you back and blogging!
    • Everybody Hurts… (5)
      • scooter: I think some of the people who seem to be NOT hurting are the better actors…acting takes a lot of energy…sometim es we can pull it off, sometimes we can’t…th anx...
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