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The Council of Elders

2011-12-19 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I am so proud of these people from my generation.

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2011-12-04 BlogBlog RSSRSS

FREEBIRD Blogs 3 GOP Candidates Vow To Uphold the Tea Party Mentality! MMM…My after thought on GOP Wacky Pack Candidates reason for vowing to TP Why Republican Party Pursue Fascist Theocracy Slide Show – Political Illustrations Series 27….enjoy! My intake on last nights “Fabulous Republican Hopefuls Joke of a Debate” President Bush read a letter [...]

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Bloody Sunday

2011-12-02 BlogBlog RSSRSS

target=”_blank”>Bloody Sunday

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George Orwell Rolls in his Grave

2011-11-30 BlogBlog RSSRSS

George Orwell rolls in his Grave You might want to select full screen mode on the Google player

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2011-11-15 BlogBlog RSSRSS

FREEBIRD Blogs 2 Why America is a Big Fat Gashole! Rick Perry’s 2012 Run Is Power Grab For Christian Conspiracy Group Befriended someone last night….. Obama Administration’s Achievements (Thus Far) News flash: Congressional Republicans want to raise your taxes. The Republican Candidates Views On Political Humor Remember this…Robin Williams Bush amp Obama…LOL! Can the ‘tea [...]

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An Idiot’s Guide to Occupy Wall Street

2011-10-23 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Here’s a helpful tip: if you are a political pundit and you still don’t know what Occupy Wall Street stands for, you are an idiot. If you purport to make your living analyzing the political landscape, or from parsing the effectiveness of various political messages, or if you write columns explaining what the American people [...]

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My Theory Behind the “Iranian” Plot to Assassinate the Saudi Ambassador

2011-10-17 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Me? Conspiracy theories? Never!

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Joko Visits The Occupy Seattle Protest

2011-10-06 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I don’t know if it would be fair to say that I visited Downtown today to go “join” the ongoing Occupy Seattle protest, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.  I went to go lend my support.  And  bring them some clean, warm socks.  And to observe.  Record. There were several other media-types down [...]

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Waiting for the World To Change

2011-09-30 BlogBlog RSSRSS

This so-called group of “dirty hippies” have created something so new that even the old leftist (what was the New Left) say will not resonate with most Americans. It has lasted for 14 days and in bad weather. Today at least 5,000 people showed up. Next week the unions are coming along with more traditionalist [...]

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Another State Sanctioned Murder

2011-09-28 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Another state sanctioned murder occurred today when the State of Florida executed Manuel Valle. The drugs used to kill him were experimental and could have caused undue torture. Manuel Valle Execution We must stop this barbaric practice. Join me in my campaign to stop this barbaric practice. Join Abolish The Death Penalty

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Lawrence O’Donnell on Police Brutality

2011-09-26 BlogBlog RSSRSS

You decide if this is the America you want to live in.

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Occupy Wall Street

2011-09-24 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Although it was called by Anonymous and Adbusters it is more than that. It is a leaderless group of people. There is no set of demands. From what I am seeing it looks like it’s an action trying to make people think outside the box. You can find out more about its roots at Occupy [...]

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We Are All Troy Davis

2011-09-23 BlogBlog RSSRSS

We are all Troy Davis. Given a set of circumstances we could all be Troy Davis. How does an innocent man or woman defend themselves when everyone is out to make sure they are convicted no matter what the facts of the case are? How do you defend yourself when not a shred of physical [...]

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Hiding behind default pictures

2011-09-21 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Standing in the shadows, Looking within To look without, I see a myriad faces, Dancing with everyone in everything. They tip-toe through life, While straddling the banks of existence, rippling reality like a stone in a pond. Reality is like water to them, As they change its bed. They alter it and rock it Until [...]

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The Men Who Crashed the World

2011-09-21 BlogBlog RSSRSS

A very interesting report on the cause of the Meltdown. I tried to post the video but can’t get the code properly. If you have the time you should check it out. The Men Who Crashed the World

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Yo Quiero Taco Bell

2011-09-16 BlogBlog RSSRSS

In Largo, FL, a man was arrested yesterday because he was craving some Taco Bell tacos. Alright…..there IS a bit more to the story than just that. The following is an excerpt from the report from the Bay News 9 website. Terry Kimbell, 50, called 911 from his cell phone to inform the dispatcher Taco [...]

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So the Stimulus Plan Didn’t Create Any Jobs

2011-09-13 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Republicans and the common sense bloggers claim that the stimulus package was a failure and did not create jobs. The CBO, the non-partisan congressional watchdog, says otherwise. Jobs

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If The Republican Debates Were Like Rap Battles

2011-09-13 BlogBlog RSSRSS

They’d be something more like this… I’m just testing to make sure my video capture equipment is still working since I installed my new A/V system. It still works. So does my tendency to make really crude, adolescent humor videos. Ooo!  Sign me up for those Austrian economics courses!  Anita them!

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CNN Report : December 22, 2012

2011-09-06 BlogBlog RSSRSS

target=”_blank”>May the Farm Be With You! Street Chalk 4 December 22, 2012 CNN Report by Aaron Brown by James Clair Lewis Governments, Global Corporations & Religious Organizations worldwide were put on notice today that all military & predatory actions & activities will immediately cease. This directive was broadcast on all media & the internet by [...]

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The UnBlock Party

2011-09-05 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Unlike some, I don’t like blocking people and have unblocked everyone that got blocked due to the new “Karma” block feature. This blog is for everybody to come and enjoy Labor Day with whatever you wish to contribute. You can contribute music, poetry, photos, trips, life stories, recipes, whatever you want. And yes, even those [...]

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      • MoonBeam: MoonBeam :Compassion is a derivative of love and without compassion and love there would be no happiness. Likes: 0[Reply]
      • MoonBeam: Compassion is a derivative of love and without compassion and love there would be no happiness. :love:
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      • WoodstockLynn: Yes Debbie I have done the same thing time and time again so I wrote about it so maybe I would think more before I acted. Didn’t work lol. Thank you so much for your kind...
      • Debbie_S: This is so true Lynn there are time’s i say things before i think about it them or write things i hit that send button then i think oh no why did i say that then as you wrote i am...
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      • WoodstockLynn: Awww Debbie, that is why writing touches others, we can so relate to them. I am so honored by your words and I know you feel this way about Dale, can feel your vibes and they are so...
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