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it’s mostly a question of slowing down

2018-04-01 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Like almost every time I go out and socialize, last night I did and/or said some things I wish I hadn’t…I must learn how think about what I’m about to do or say…but I can’t/shouldn’t take too long, however much time that is…whatever impact humor has is dependent at least in part, on TIMING… The [...]

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the alternative to FB? I hope so

2018-03-31 BlogBlog RSSRSS

At some point, I started to see problems with Facebook…in reality, the problems are with Humans; my reasons for being here again after however many years it’s been are no longer clear to me but here I am in any case…I don’t think there’s ANY secure website on the Internet, but I’m not gonna let [...]

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a good way to start the new year

2015-12-09 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I think I’ve just about had it with Fakebook…It’s too dark and ugly for me; I still have my cyber-diary, but I actually told a stranger about that…I DO wish I could take that back, I don’t EVEN know why I did that…I met this person on a certain website and then became “friends” on [...]

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it’s what I’ve always wanted…I think

2015-10-25 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I made some demos about 10 years ago of instrumental songs I wrote…I was just foolin’ around, and yet I was serious too…I played all the instruments…the guitars were real, as was the Bass…the “drums” came from an electronic keyboard, as did the piano–and the flutes and sax…The “production” is fairly bad and the playing [...]

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Classic Elvis Digest

2014-03-12 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Classic Elvis Digest Classic : Elvis 1 Classic : Elvis 2 Classic : Elvis 3 Classic : Elvis 4 (Complete movies edition) Classic : Elvis 5 Classic : Elvis 6 Classic : Elvis 7 Classic : Elvis 8 Classic : Elvis 9 Classic : Elvis 10 Classic Blues : Digest Six

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POEM: Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

2014-03-11 BlogBlog RSSRSS

This was written to the theme of the CPC’s Wonderful Wednesday poetry challenge. Host Bettie wants music-related posts. DON’T WORRY, BEE HAPPY While sitting on the dock of the bay, I saw a bee fly by. It looked sad. I remembered a bee joke I could tell to cheer the bee up, so I sang [...]

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Wonderful Wednesday Goes Musical!

2014-03-11 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Welcome To Wonderful Wednesday Music!   Please bring music videos Rock / Blues / R&B / Pop, whatever tickles your fancy Let’s have some fun as the music plays You can also, if you like, post a lyric rewrite or a poem about your favorite type of music or a favorite tune or lyric

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I’m not back, or am I ?

2014-03-08 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I went to the Saturday afternoon o.m. at the Music Café in Damascus…Lou and I did a few and (I think) we were better than we had been on Thursday night…I really wanted to do THANK YOU GIRL by the Beatles, and we did…He suggested *I* sing LONG MAY YOU RUN by Neil Young, so [...]

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2014-03-07 BlogBlog RSSRSS

well, Lou and I went to Hershey’s…we were a tad rusty (duh) and sounded like it…Barry and I sounded better IMO…that was a bit weird…he wants me to play with him in early April at a singer/songwriter thing at the OTWC; I dunno why but when he asked me, I said “yes”…Some, not all, but [...]

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it’s true, ya CAN’T go home again

2014-02-22 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I recently re-connected with two childhood friends on that well-known social website…I’m not at all sure how or why but they’ve both just unfriended me…My Life didn’t change that much when we reunited and it won’t change now that the “honeymoon” is over…more than a little sad, but I’ll get over it…Humans, they’re a trip, [...]

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so I’m a [fill in the blank] ?

2014-02-18 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I’ve already said that maybe I haven’t been as good a friend to anybody as some people have been to me…but it’s still a bit of a mystery as to why I’m feeling abandoned by 98% of my so-called friends…Some people say I’m too negative, *I* say Life is hardly ever a bed of roses…*I* [...]

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I bet she knows

2014-02-09 BlogBlog RSSRSS

so I rehearsed with SLR…I didn’t wanna…I don’t think she wanted to either; we stopped after about two hours…agonizing over how/when/where to tell her that I don’t wanna do that Music thing with her or anybody right now…I still think she’s gonna be angry…haven’t heard from Lou lately…maybe HE’S done playing Music, or at the [...]

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facing death and other types of loss

2014-02-08 BlogBlog RSSRSS

other than my parents and other relatives, no one really close to me has passed away…unless I’m blocking out somebody…JH (the open mic host) and I were almost kinda close…Perhaps it’s the word “close” that’s causing problems…anyway, a friend of mine (we met in high school) had a stroke earlier this week…I’ve been told it’s [...]

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supporting local Musicians, etc.

2014-02-01 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I had the chance to go to Lou’s open mic in Damascus; Dianne was gonna go too…she wasn’t excited about it, but somewhat enthusiastic…*I* changed my Mind and we didn’t go…I hope I don’t tell Lou about almost going… mostly because there doesn’t seem to be anything on TV tonight, I’ve thought about asking if [...]

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I guess it IS important after all

2014-01-30 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I may have lost the enthusiasm for playing Music, but I sure do like listening to it…I guess I’ve gotta give Spotify some of the credit for that…If it really only adds about $10 a month to my phone bill, I’ll keep it…I believe that at this point I have more songs on my phone [...]

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there’s a fine line…

2014-01-19 BlogBlog RSSRSS

between integrity and pretension IMO…”I can’t sing it if I’m not feelin’ it”–that’s what SLR said about a certain song that a friend of hers requested…sheesh…*I* say, it’s one song, about three minutes–ACT like yer feelin’ it…I guess I really have changed my Mind about SLR…NOT her singing ability, but other stuff…her performance of the [...]

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feelin’ neutral

2014-01-17 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I went to the OTWC open mic…because 1) the roomie was hosting the mah-jong gang and I didn’t wanna feel like a prisoner, stuck as I would be upstairs, not knowing what (if anything) was on TV…2) I wanted a REAL cheeseburger and 3) I hadn’t seen Catherine in awhile… I said that I didn’t [...]

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breaking up is hard to do

2014-01-11 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I think SLR is coming over tomorrow (Sunday) and I kinda wish she wasn’t–but we have a gig coming up in two weeks…we always need the practice…I feel like I can’t carry the pain of wanting to end our Musical relationship much longer…I suspect she’ll know something’s going on…I’m a lousy actor…It’s gonna be a [...]

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hardly any change

2014-01-11 BlogBlog RSSRSS

so I went to the AmerLegion, paid Bill the $20 I owed him, *I* insisted he keep it…I’ll probably wish I’d kept it myself…played a bunch, sang very little…had some fun, absolutely undecided if it was worth it… the Host said a bunch of nice things about me…*I* told the audience he has been nice [...]

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POEM: Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: Lyric Rewrite

2013-12-19 BlogBlog RSSRSS

This lyric rewrite was composed for the CPC Friday Fling poetry challenge, where our theme is Christmas music. ROCKIN’ AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE Rocking around the Christmas Tree at the nursing home tonight. Mistletoe hung where none can see ’cause they’ve got such poor eyesight. Rocking around the Christmas Tree as they hear their own [...]

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