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it’s mostly a question of slowing down

2018-04-01 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Like almost every time I go out and socialize, last night I did and/or said some things I wish I hadn’t…I must learn how think about what I’m about to do or say…but I can’t/shouldn’t take too long, however much time that is…whatever impact humor has is dependent at least in part, on TIMING… The [...]

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the alternative to FB? I hope so

2018-03-31 BlogBlog RSSRSS

At some point, I started to see problems with Facebook…in reality, the problems are with Humans; my reasons for being here again after however many years it’s been are no longer clear to me but here I am in any case…I don’t think there’s ANY secure website on the Internet, but I’m not gonna let [...]

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the senior moments are starting to add up

2015-12-11 BlogBlog RSSRSS

So the Holiday Blues are in my bloodstream now…Spring seems so far away…The former in-laws (among others) are coming here on Sunday; I think it’s the final night of Hanukkah…oh boy…the roomie doesn’t want me to NOT be there, so…in workplace news, Robert is on vacation the last two weeks of December…I might be doing [...]

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a good way to start the new year

2015-12-09 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I think I’ve just about had it with Fakebook…It’s too dark and ugly for me; I still have my cyber-diary, but I actually told a stranger about that…I DO wish I could take that back, I don’t EVEN know why I did that…I met this person on a certain website and then became “friends” on [...]

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but…I’m right…

2015-11-16 BlogBlog RSSRSS

There ARE people who believe that “Muslim=terrorist”…to deny that (that some people believe it)  is IMO extremely naive…but by my stating that, I’ve started a shitstorm on Facebook…I didn’t say, and I’m not saying now that I believe that to be true;but it certainly FEELS that way sometimes…So this “friend” wanted me to name names…and I [...]

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the reasons why

2015-09-25 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I KNOW there’s more important things goin’ on in the World–like always…but I know ME more than I know about anything else, so…I went out last night with the intention to play Music with somebody, anybody…I had two choices of places to go to accomplish that…I didn’t wanna go to Hershey’s because a certain young [...]

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that’s what it took

2015-09-07 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I KNOW my American Life is better than uncountable numbers of other inhabitants of the Planet but it helps me to actually see it for myself…I had this revelation while I was in the Bahamas…I guess the people in that part of the World can look back at their lives and say “We were poor, [...]

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What does the World look like to you?

2015-08-26 BlogBlog RSSRSS

  Maybe it’s what the Media generally does–emphasize the bad things that happen to Humanity…Good news is hard to find, not impossible but not all that common either…I don’t WANT to be pessimistic about Life on Planet Earth, but I almost feel that I have no choice…My Life?  I feel somewhat blessed, more or less…It [...]

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I had no idea…

2015-08-24 BlogBlog RSSRSS

So I was just doing what I usually do before bedtime (more or less) when I discovered that apparently there still is a thing called FRIENDBURST…I’m currently bored with the other FB, so it’s nice to have somewhere else to go…That is, it seems like there’s still a thing called FRIENDBURST…how is that possible? I’ve [...]

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is this how it works?

2014-03-29 BlogBlog RSSRSS

just got back from election judge training…maybe it’s old age or something, but it seems more complicated than than before…or maybe my brain is turning into mush…I felt really stupid…it’s also possible that the instructors were in a hurry (they really were)… the roomie actually suggested going out to see a certain band that I [...]

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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Thunder

2014-03-27 BlogBlog RSSRSS

target=”_blank”>75 minutes of thunder and rain The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar Thunder! WAKE UP! Recognize the Block. Hear the Thunder. Maintain the Meditative state of mind. Allow for a Decrease. Hold onto Gentleness. Be open to Influence. Stir up Enthusiasm. Assert Control. Be the source of Abundance. Create a Return. Establish a Following. Simply [...]

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2014-03-25 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Welcome to the March 2014 Edition of Pick-Apart Poetry as we welcome Spring in a Pick-Apart Poetry kind of way. It’s always a joy to spend this time together each month and we look forward to another opportunity to be creative and to share with one another. This month, in honor of Spring’s arrival, we [...]

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The Metaphysical Blogs Seventy

2014-03-25 BlogBlog RSSRSS

The Metaphysical Blogs Seventy On the Path The Gaian Dragon I Ching : Week of Dispersion The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Inner Truth Optimal Physical Strength The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Month of Return The Gaian Dragon I Ching : Week of Approach The Blog Digest Sixty Six Spell [...]

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completely outta whack

2014-03-25 BlogBlog RSSRSS

the sleep cycle AND the eating cycle are totally screwy…I should be at the beginning of (or maybe even in the middle of) a nap right now…and I’m not…IF I need chocolate or sugar later, I’ve got some…food? I have some…Money? not so much…and yet I’m almost nearly kinda happy…I DO wish the snow was [...]

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PINKVILLE (A Video Blog)

2014-03-25 BlogBlog RSSRSS

How it looked to the American’s . How it looked to the Vietnamese . I saw them shoot an M79 (grenade launcher) into a group of people that were still alive. But it,(the shooting) was mostly done with a machine gun. They were shooting women and children just like anybody else. {Sgt. Michael Bernhardt} Thank [...]

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so I’m not (quite) crazy

2014-03-23 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I accidentally found a feature on my cell phone camera that I was not aware of…it turns out the camera DOES have digital zoom capability…there is no mention of it whatsoever in the manual or the “settings/help” section of the camera itself…Unfortunately I wrote to the manufacturer’s customer support team BEFORE figuring out that it [...]

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I think it was worth it…

2014-03-22 BlogBlog RSSRSS

Saturday ended better than it started…I went to get my taxes done…I remembered the paperwork I thought I’d forget (it was important, but not absolutely essential) and forgot the paperwork that was absolutely essential…got 95% of the way to where I was going when I realized my blunder…so I turned around and came back home, [...]

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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Month of The Block

2014-03-21 BlogBlog RSSRSS

target=”_blank”>Fly Like An Eagle Steve Miller Band The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar The Block An obstruction is an opportunity Prepare Before Completion. Deal with your own Stupidity. Carry through a Deliverance. Recognize a Meeting. Face Opposition. Bring about a Return. See how things will be After Completion. Dig a Well. Proceed with Love. Use [...]

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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Spring

2014-03-20 BlogBlog RSSRSS

target=”_blank”>Ostara/Easter/Spring Equinox Brightest Blessings and Merry Meet! The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar Spring Season Nature regenerates in Spring. Consider the direction in which you have been going. Have faith in the future. Make plans for how to get there. Be Receptive to change. You need to understand how other people think. Move towards Enlightenment. [...]

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getting ever closer…slowly…

2014-03-18 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I suddenly decided I didn’t really wanna see my therapist so soon after the first visit and 2) I would like a different time slot…so I’m gonna call him and see what we can come up with…I also intend to change the appointment with the psychiatrist for basically the same reason…AND I changed the time [...]

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