This is the blog area for FriendBurst. Here are some of the features:

1) Advanced Post editor. We want our members to really be able to express their creativity and individuality. When creating a blog post you can now specify font size, font style, colors, create tables. and much more.

2) Finding your Author Specific RSS Feed – And why you should care. First off, you can find your author specific RSS feed right under the post title. Just look for the RSS icon.

If you are a pro-blogger and like to promote yourself, you may ask what your author specific RSS Feed is? Even if you are not a pro-blogger, your RSS feed will help you should you ever want to auto-post to Twitter etc when you create a new blog here at FriendBurst.

Here is mine:


Just replace ‘einrad’ with your blog user name. I am adding that to our list to also display that on the post somewhere. One example of how your RSS feed can help you is you can enter you feed on feedburner or a place like Twitterfeed. Twitterfeed will take your RSS feed and publish your most recent post to Twitter. That is just one of many ideas to help promote yourself.

3) Under the time next to the persons name and link to their friendburst profile, you will see a W icon with the word Blog. That will link you to a list of ALL the blog posts for that person.

4) Under Edit Blogs on the right you will not see a ling to View My Blogs. That will take you to YOUR blog listing. Note the URL so you can promote it to your friends here at FriendBurst.

5) Heart This Blogging Feature

Instead of a comment you can now ‘Heart’ a blog post! Just look under the blog title for the little heart and click on the plus sign.

6) Pictures in Comments Several members were asking for this and it was a quick add. If you have pictures on photobucket, or pictures here you uploaded to FriendBurst, you can now add pics to comments by supplying the URL. Remember you must own the picture or have permission to display it.

Please keep the pic width under 200 pixels. Otherwise it may be cut off or throw off the comment portion.

7) Comments are threaded and you can reply to replies.

8  Top FriendBurst Authors sidebar widget has been added. This is an all time count.

9) Top FriendBurst Commentators sidebar widget has been added. This is an all time count.

10) A ‘share’ this at the bottom of each post so you can share to facebook, twitter, myspace, stumble your article and more.

11) At the top of each post a Tweet This button.

As we grow we will continue to add to the blogging section to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Happy FriendBursting!


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