Super Tuesday – Who gives a #@!%. Kitchen fun is better.

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I was planning to blog about the GOP tonight, I have spent hours over the past few weeks looking for something, in fact anything that might point to a degree of sanity asserting itself in the Republican movement but alas I failed. On the other hand I spent a few minutes tonight looking at rational commentators on the American political landscape and the  results were, well hilarious.

How about that Charlie White former Indiana Secretary of State the guy who spearheaded  the campaign to stop voter fraud the “wrong people from voting, yup just convicted of all things voter fraud , having registered at a false address and voted in an electoral district he was not entitled to vote in.

Charles Stross has an entertaining perspective on the Republican primary race

” I understand the basic point of the Republican presidential primary: get the party members out to pick a candidate from the shortlist of folks with a budget to run for president. And I understand that the candidates therefore need to appeal to the base. And I get that Romney is utterly unacceptable to one sub-group (due to not being a Real Christian) and to another sub-group (due to being the policy equivalent of silly putty), and that Gingrich is in there to deliver a big fat Fuck Off to the RNC over his past treatment (not to mention the narcissistic personality disorder). Rick Santorum I’m at a loss to explain unless he turns out to be Sasha Baron Cohen’s greatest ever and longest running parody act: I’m waiting for him to either call for the reintroduction of the ducking stool for witches, or to be caught in an airport toilet cubicle with an underage [male] page and a couple of lines of cocaine.

But what’s with the whole race to the bottom over racism and sexism?

I mean, these guys seem to be competing to shit all over the latin-American vote. And the whole ludicrous insanity of their anti-abortion and anti-contraception stance looks like they’re actively trying to get every female of child-bearing age to vote against them. (It’s like they’ve read “The Handmaid’s Tale” and think it’s a road map, not a warning.)”

No Right Turn sounds out an interesting scenario

“…but this year’s crop are a whole level of crazy beyond him, thanks to the utter dominance of fringe fundamentalist Christians. And the thought of Rick “man on dog” Santorum with his finger on the nuclear button is truly frightening. If he doesn’t decide that its just time for the Rapture now, he may simply decide that there are too many gays in country X (or California) and decide to purge it with cleansing fire.”

Just a small taste of what has been occupying a small part of my small mind.

To be honest I have been having  fun with Significant Other.

This has been the week of the kitchen appliances that yesterday saw us acquire a bread maker

At $8.00 I figured we couldn’t go to far wrong. Unfortunately no instructions so I suspect google will get a work over before to long.

Today we I continued and for $16.00 managed to get my hand on a apple peeler,corer and slicer all nice and brand new, I gather it is an unwanted Christmas present. Kids love these and it is a great way to get them to eat apples so this might be going into our ” present bank “, I will let Significant Other to make that call.

I also picked up this today.

They are excellent stove top coffee percolators, trust me I know ,I broke my sisters last Christmas and again at just $10.00 it was to good to turn down, actually I was surprised  not to be out bid on this. The big question now is, do I tell my sister ?

My major reason for being in the market is that Significant Other has a birthday in just over a week and I managed to get a brand new slow cooker for her today

It is a 5.0L or ” big one “.

Thermostatically controlled offering 3 heat/cooking settings providing complete flexibility. The removable ceramic pot allows for easy cleaning, the tempered glass lid provides viewing ability and the cool touch handles mean risk-free portability. A convenient and versatile way to cook.

* Brushed Stainless Steel Housing
* Tempered Glass Lid
* Low/High/Auto Temperature Settings
* Removable Ceramic Pot
* Thermostatically Controlled
* Cool Touch Handles
* 280 Watts Power
* 12 Month Warranty

More to the point it is what she wants and a hell of a lot cheaper than can be got at a bricks and morter store $ 50.00 as opposed to $150- $200.

Tomorrow holds some promise of fun as well

Yes another slow cooker less than a year old I am leading with a $15.50 bid but will probably not win it with that.

Again I lead on the pots at $11.50, I might increase my bid on these if I am out bid as they are brand new

I just couldn’t help myself I am leading at the moment with a $1.00 bid. I have a further 4 auctions closing next week and I am leading all 4 with three $1.00 bids and a $2.00 bid the $2.00 bid is for this.

Suspect I won’t get it  at that price, but hell it is a lot of fun, almost more entertaining than watching GOP politics  and a hell of a lot more rewarding.


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6 Responses to “Super Tuesday – Who gives a #@!%. Kitchen fun is better.”

  1. Good post..sad its true.

    Like you kitchen toys….I myself have fall in love with this gadget and added it recently to kitchen..

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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    Htuati Reply:

    Yup I have sort of being avoiding it. Toys are great fun though

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  2. 412ClwXQOvL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

    sorry pic didn’t come out first time…heres another try. :oops:

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    Htuati Reply:


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  3. The Republicans are insane, are they not??

    I see what you’ve been spending your time on and I’m not talking about the bidding :wink:

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    Htuati Reply:

    Yeah far more constructive

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