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The Alchemy Of Twin flame Oneness

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The Alchemy Of Twin Flames

I have done much work on twin flames over the years and that is work in preperation to connect with this twin, I look not for the twin, but trust that our paths will cross on the physical plain coming below from above in our multidimensional connection of oneness one divine day. as the twin flame your being connects with first your own being. you are first your own twin flame, then once united in sacred union within in unconditional love of scared heart and integrated your being you are then ready to cross paths with the twin flame of your dna blueprint. i will take you through the alchemy of twin flames from thy own understanding .

The twin flame reunion is that of the dna blueprint written a the time of creation when then they separated to take on life experience and come down to earth at different times. but the dna blueprint of their being is the same as your own being. You may have experienced seeing golden white threads or cords of light on different levels of cosmic awareness ,this is your twin flame connection, you may not be together on the third dimensional level physically, but you have never truly been apart and are eternally connected in different dimensions beyond the realm of dualty. The twin flame relationship can last on a spiritual level for many incarnations before manifesting as you do within your own being on the physical level.
one essence divided itself into two exact same intonations in order to experience physical form. As the third dimensional experience unfolded they grew further separate by a dualistic system which pulled them into an unbalanced equilibrium. The color of the union s a hue of blue. The color of the life force joined as one .We at our hearts and souls long for this connection back. But you cannot seek it out. It begins with you, your own being and reprogramming and letting go of what is not true and original in your own being first before this can ever happen.. It is first having the ultimate relationship you can have in your being .realizing you are first your own twin flame. Uniting within your own alpha and omega.
This is when you rise to a place of union within uniting masculine and feminine energies, have cleansed your ego with the I AM presence, and encorporate this wisdom balancing the ego, awakening your heart energy and unconditional love, healing your shadow self, and ascending to love all your being unconditionally and without rejection of any aspect of your being. Living at the core of your deepest unconditional love of self with the pure awareness of the steam of consciousness that is oneness and expressing this unconditional love in every aspect of your own being with your own being ,in your spiritual service work, and expecting nothing in return . Loving all and rejecting none, that is unconditional love. After all this, you are then ready to cross paths with your own twin flame reflection of your own being. The relationship union of your own being feels like a rebirth of your own being ,but a rebirth of true being, and an art of death that lead you to this rebirth through the art of surrender as you let go of all the old programming and re-awoke and remembered your true pure awareness and wisdom of being. The greatest gift you can give your own being is unconditional love, and when you understand this within your own being fully and in all ways, you are then ready to cross paths with your flame. Because then you have come to understand what unconditional love is, everyone want sit, but it begins with working on your own being first, for without work there is no result. Ad if you are not there yourself, then neither can you cross the path of your twin flame. The universe just doesn’t allow it that way. Sorry to say. Its only when you have it yourself can you share it with your twin as they having it can share it with you in a synchronized ultimate relationship of unconditional love. Love is the only reality there is and if yourself are not operating from the unconditional loving pure awareness of I am and sacred heart ,then you are operating from something else. Ego? Anything here is illusion, so you don’t want to be operating from there. love Is an ultimate truth. As truth always will lye at the heart of creation. you are that creation, that creation is you. This is the how the symphony of creation sounds its tune of unconditional loving harmonics. As love is the song of the soul ,let your own symphony play today. The twin flame reunion I a reflection of the self sacred marriage of your own alpha and omega in unconditional love. This brings a feeling of oneness in your being when you experience this and then a feeling of oneness with your twin flame connection as you felt in reaching the threshold of self sacred marriage, you then stepped over and made it sacred within your being, well now you will experience that wholeness with your twin in unconditional loving oneness in a multi dimensional way as you feel in your own relationship of self. Only now it will be with another. The twin flames reunite to full fill the spiritual service they have to the earth.
.the service is not only planetary but cosmic and quantum universal and felt throughout the quantum verse. The quantum verse being that of this universe, within a multi verse and the multi verse is that quantum verse makes up and holds all multi verses and universes.
The twin flame connection is a trinity ,connecting all that is,. or all that is, will be your connection, you are all that is that connection. It is only when both flames have returned to a strong temple of being on their own and experienced that sacred union of self within and having the unconditional loving relationship of your own being that you can both then reunite to full fill your divine purpose as one flame. no element ,or energy from any frequency can shift this connection, it is unbreakable, and as your own sacred union you experience a feeling of being unbreakable in your being when not with the twin flame in the physical is how the same connection with your twin flame. When you unite you unite your own unconditional love as one being on all dimensions living and experiencing the infinite harmonic cord of oneness.

What is a Twin Flame?
Twin flames are also referred to as twin souls, they are the true natural and original reflection of your own being.. Each being has only one twin .this is the same signature as your dna blueprint. Once split each twin incarnates at different incarnations to gain experience before they can come back and merge as one twin flame in the ultimate reunion of unconditional love. When each has become whole and unified their feminine and masculine energies within and realized I AM, and also worked out each blockage that keeps one in heart, mind, being, and soul ,and emotional from wholeness of being they will reunite. These connections are completely whole and reflect your whole being and they syncronize ,there is no energy clash felt, the connection is of all the aspects connected in emotion, mentally, physically, spiritually and at the soul. The connection is on all levels and dimensions.

What is Not a twin flame?
i call these shadow flames, these are beings who are connected by heavy or lower energy. these are beings currently in or expressing the opposite of the light side of the shadow of the being. they are in a dualistic expression of love. these are beings who lack respect or love of self, yet are sharing hearts with another. for example the being themselves may be involved with a drug user ,and the other being themselves is an active user of drugs. this would be an example of two beings living the opposite light of shadow self. neither for example is living in the true nature of being, but by a dualistic material need. these beings have not yet realized I AM . they have not cleared out the old, live in material dualistic fashion and have not worked on healing of self and awakening all that is true nature of being or awoken to awareness of being. shadow flames connect with one another to full fill a need of the id within the ego or want of the id .this is satisfying the ego,not the universal call of awareness, or I AM .these are third dimensional connections of opposite light of shadow or ego based for want or need to full fill the id or super ego parts of the ego, not that of the true twin flame connection. they are however essential, as lessons as you ascend on the journey of your own true nature of being and remembering who you truly are. So perhaps as you read this something triggers a memory or past relationship you had with another being and now you can see where that need came from and why you had the relationship and why it connected, and you ‘thought” it felt real. The truth it was not, because if it was based on that need or want it was not. Another example is those who feel alone, they feel id’s need for a companionship to full fill a void of loneliness they feel. This would be a again satisfying the ego’s id, and the connection here would again be a false flame, because they are intending that if they have this relationship they will have a twin flame,. They are only satisfying the id’s need for companionship, when really the place to look first is within, because you can not truly love another without condition till you feel the unconditional love for your own being first within and throughout your whole being uniting in sacred marriage of being within connected to the true and pure stream of consciousness with I AM by uniting your feminine and masculine energies within flowing and working in unison and loving your whole being with no condition and rejecting none of your own being. That means loving the opposite of the light shadow of your being. Things you may dread to face about yourself, and have feared facing. It is the one who faces whole self that witnesses the light in each shadow and transcends to connect with the twin flame of your true being that is your natural true being. another example would be those who feel guilt and are in a relationship out of guilt ,this would be the super egos need for compensating and releiving the guilt by feeling you are making up for some root of childhood that one programmed to feel guilt from. these are not true twin flame connections but that of shadow flame. a shadow flame is any connection that satisfies any part of egos need or want full filling the super ego, or the id of ego. a shadow flame would also be any connection that is base don expectations and conditions. true relationships of twin flame have no condition cause they are unconditional in nature. they love all of the being and reject none. as you love your own being without condition and that of your twin flame, they love you without condition and reject none of your being and there is no expectation, only pure intent expressed and shared in a love that flows as infinite and pure as both your beings as one.

What is a Soulmate?

soul mates are our soul family a the one eternal world soul. These are beings you have me tin previous incarnations and usually come as guides to lessons for your ascension in this incarnation now. A soul mate relationship is that of the soul connection or a at soul level. These are third dimensional connections only if you experience no further connecting ,or if there is a lack of a spiritual connection. The soul is born from source and births itself when it sees its time to be on this earth for its mission. Those like you are considered like minded or group souls of that time you decided to have your soul come down to the earths physical plain.

Have I Crossed Paths With The Twin Of Thy Being?

The way to answer this is simply if you have not met the connection of your being that reflects your being on all levels, again mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and on the soul level then you have not crossed your twin flame. Twin reunions are the most deepest and strongest connection that can be experienced and felt. They are rare ,but can be felt and experienced and do happen, The twins once reunited are then brought together to do their sacred service mission of light they were sent to do once united. They will then raise the consciousness of the earth that much more once their service is complete. It is even by reuniting and sharing the unconditional love they were able to awake for their own being when separate from once another that comes together and raises the earths consciousness on a global level.
You may have crossed your twin already but had a disconnection. It is a very intense union . One energy may be one frequency ,and the others frequency higher or lower depending where they are on their journey and the time for reunion full and whole may simply just not be yet or at that moment. Many people “think”, and I use that word because they want that ultimate connection, but feeling it is a whole new experience, thinking is just that a thought, it’s the actual experience that you feel and you will just know you have crossed paths with your own twin flame. As ascend and uplift your own frequency and integrate your being in sacred union with the oneness of the stream of consciousness you heighten your chances that much more to cross paths with your twin. This means healing everything that comes up ,each and every root of your being that needs facing you never did, its all about facing your own inner demons ,and it is easy, because in the end it is only you ,you are facing. And each root can only uplift when you see the light in each root of your being you once saw as perhaps something holding you down, it is then the reverse, it uplifts, everything uplifts when you use the lower energy and see the lower energies uplifting light in it, it the opens a door of deeper inner peace.
When you reunite with your twin you feel and accelerated rapid advancement in your ascension and in your being, you experience a super shift forward and deeper within your being ,understanding will flow out, you will have to keep on your toes to keep up with what is awakening, so much will be coming at once. It could be a crossing anywhere with your twin, you will, not know when or where, but you will just feel it. There will feel like a natural closeness and understanding between you too, wondering where the other had been all your life. You may have remembering pop up and remember a distant life you were together in a past incarnation. But this is not needed, as if you both have not crossed paths in any incarnation before then well there cant be a remembering . But the feeling and the connection will speak for itself, it as what is, is and you will see and experience your own. When you cross,you will feel like you came home to eternal summer as you did when you united your own being in sacred spiritual marriage first, it will feel like that unconditional loving connection you feel in your own being, only then there is a pair, one flame.
What if there is a disconnection?

I will use energy to show you how disconnections happen. Take energy Manifestations of sending out or of taking in of energy, it is sent out like an implosion or explosion, it emanates from the center and goes outward or outward and goes in. for example the greatest energy one can feel is that of greatest joy ,this is the energy of sacred marriage of self in unconditional love.
Next manifestation is the flow of energy , a flow is like a flow of a stream ,its flows is directed toward something and it flows like a flow of that stream , it flows naturally. With energy the flow is free, its keeps flowing, is continuous. Now if there is a ridge .A ridge is the ridge of energy one that gets stuck . Its like an impendiment in the flow. Where you have this ridge it is stuck and or getting stuck with entangled energy with it , or that flow of the stream is then stuck. Symbolicly it is no longer flowing . You could see it as the wavelength stopping or impeding . you see it flowing on one end but on one end there is a stopping of flow, this could be like the stream getting stuck by reaching a pond, it no longer flows .,it’s not moving just sitting there, sometimes this happens between beings and there is no motion or wavelength, there is then a feeling of being at a zero pint, no movement up or down. or on one end it is flowing ,moving ,when the wavelength stops flowing or reaches this zero point the connection cannot be continued, you are then not resonating with the twin flame. These ridges can occur in the connection of the twin flame once you cross it, and this means that you or your twin have not fully ascended one or the others being. The number of waves in a period time that show, shows the strength of the connection. When theres a whole bunch of waves and waves keep going up ,you are resonating on the same level or wavelength with your twin. Ridges can be difficult, but can be overcome. But only seperatly one each beings own divine time. this is why some separate and need that divine time work on their own being. If you are a at zero wave your not moving together, if you on an infinite wave you are flowing together like the stream that just simply flows infinitly as it trickles down the course it goes. in synchronistic frequency some waves go back and cancel out the other wave, this would be when you have an energy clash and cancel out the other wave or being. This is not your twin flame. But when one wave hits itself and returns to the same point, it does not cancel itself out and is in infinite flow and or on the same wavelength. You are then at home with your twin flame in eternal summer.

Those who have trouble putting in their whole heart will run and live by a motto something like the thought, Walk by eternity and live by love but never surrender. This holds them back. but in fact it is like this, you do not give away your heart, your heart is always intact in your own being, that you give away your heart to another is a common misconception in love, your being shares your unconditional love with your twin flame, you never actually give away your heart. that is an ultimate truth of heart. so if your heart is always with you, it can not be taken from you. it can be hurt by a being, but never taken. the heart is permanently in your being . They may also. think things like . They may even have issues a their core soul to deal with such as save me I’m absolutely insane and there is no escape. Or they may say I wish I live don Jupiter, get me off earth ,I want to forget my life as a child.. this for example shows they hate their upbringing ,or certain roots from their past .these need to be healed at their root before they can enter a relationship. There are many reasons why twin flames undergo an often temporary time of physical
separation after the initial meeting. When they first meet their souls a light in the
flames of Love. But then comes the troubles, the conflicts, the arguements, there may be confusion, they may a clash of energy that is pulling you too apart because one simply does not resonate with the others frequency. And so there is a need for a time out for the being out of tune to fine tune their own being and connect to the infinite string of consciousness so that you both can resonate on the same wavelength with each other. There will much fine tuning to go through if you have not already done this yourself in your own journey before crossing paths with your flame.

First there is the ego and all the preconceptions we have about the way we think love
should be. Once one has transcended their own ego to nothingness, and from their own sacred heart of unconditional love and loves without condition, accepting all is what it is and rejecting none, then one loves unconditionally from the heart and the heart perceives consciousness and pure awareness is activated within unison of higher self and the heart with unison of ying and yang within one has reached a place of true pure awareness within their own being. Truly understanding the sacred light mission with that we serve and is following their own dharma then in divine time perhaps your path with your twin flame will cross ,and then this will unite you as one unconditional loving being. You will be enchanted by each other feeling each other and connecting on all dimensions as you are both multi dims ional beings and you will feel it again, mentally, physically, at soul, spiritually, and emotionally, you will be in sync with each other, resonating on the same level. You cannot force the twin flame connection, this is a condition, forcing any connection is a condition for that matter and should never be done in any relationship. The only intention put in should that of your purest sacred heart of the hrit padma ,or the unconditional loving center just below your 4th heart chakra. The twin flame connection should then flow like a stream to the sea, unforced and natural. Or if you will like a flower from a seed it slowly blossoms both of you watering it both giving 100/100 of your beings ,this keeps the synchronicity. The twin flame is a reflection you and you him. so they show us everything about
ourselves that we are not loving, accepting and what needs healing. When these inner
blocks still remain, they will continue to be reflected between the twins and yet again
it will repell them to go their separate ways again until we look inwards and heal
inwards individually clearing all blocks of being at every level from root to crown. . Often twins run because there are parts of themselves they are
not loving or accepting and they can’t handle seeing these things illuminated through
the connection. For example if you respect deeply or show compassion ,perhaps they have not yet come to understand this, the connection will disconnect again and you go separate ways till the other twin has worked out the blockage. The heart blockages can be the deepest and hardest to work out. They don’t feel good enough and are afraid that if they get close, the
other twin will see these parts of themselves they are trying to deny and reject them. The key here is patience and distance from them. Loving them means you can let them go, and if they really are the twin flame of thou own reflection ,they will work it out as you have and return unblocked. If not then they never were the reflection of you at all. But in order to understand this you have to completely understand your own being and that where the relationship of self comes first. If you haven’t got it all yourself persay, you wont have it with the flame. This takes time and patience and perhaps a long time out for your own being. It was for the writer. You can only understand unconditional love first by coming to a place within your own being where you love you unconditionally and place no conditions upon yourself. Not judging your being and loving your being for every aspect you be. This is loving your being unconditionally. Showing your being respect, self empowerment by trusting and having faith in self and trusting your heart in all its area of heart chakra, the thymus or akashic eye, and scared heart ,the hrit padma, when all these are working in unison in your own unified being of masculine and feminine energy with your own spirit ,you are then at the threshold of eternal summer. Loving unconditionally comes naturally, you no longer need to practice it. It simply is your being to love all and rejecting nothing about you or any other being.
On a subconscious level when you decide to disconnect they will feel its because of them and not want to face themselves, but im time they will see that it is for the best and will come to utilize the seeds of awareness you have planted in them ,as they love your reflection ,they will awake their own matching reflection. The disconnection of flames or letting go of each other gives each flame time to look within and awake new understandings of being and grow within and that it is a time to heal their own being.

Sometimes it takes time for twin flames to trust in the love. one of you may not trust the other or have past blockages from past relationships, and if you flame is putting their past trust on you, this also calls for seperation ,as this is putting a condition on you, and this cannot be allowed, further healing will be needed in seperation apart. Trust begins in the heart and they may not trust themselves, if they don’t yet trust their own heart, they wont be able to trust you. But by connecting and where one trusts their own heart, this can inspire the other. Many twins feel the transformation happening within them when they make the connection with the twin flame of their own reflection. It can trigger your own deep sacred heart awakening of hrit padma or unconditional love.they may in fear of the unknown at first, but the more their heart awakens and opens they will see from the heart and not the ego as they move into their heart consciousness.
They begin to wonder how they trust the heart they once diden’t and in love if they dident ,they begin to feel an awakening of all the heart chakras ,it is no longer a maze to them ,it then begins to take shape to them as a labrynth, a coming together of wholeness of their being in a beautiful archetypical whole self. They trust the thymus glad and can see across dimensions, the heart it self respect all and shows compassion ,not anger, and they come feel they can trust love and express it to all rejecting none .because for that be unconditional love, loving all with the same love as you love yourself, and expecting nothing in return. As the quantum verse guides them they become conditioned you could say in unconditionally loving, this is the whole agenda of ascension. getting you back to your ancient truth which is living from the heart. And expressing the consciousness of the heart. The heart is then like a crystal ball ,able and willing to see all. Understand and break through any illusion that may cross it, your whole being will instantly know without knowing, within the pure awareness of the heart connection to the stream of consciousness and soul connection and all emotional and mental bodies of self connected in oneness. but what happens when you part is something else too.

But as you are separate from your twin flame you ensure the unbreakable connection of your own being and feel a solidity in your own sacred union of self. But if you have experienced of disconnection for some reason both were not on the same wavelength then you may go through a period of deep physical anxiety perhaps, deep feeling of soul symptoms such as butterflies, constant bloating or stomach aches, heart palpitations or panic attacks, migrianes, and an all physical loss for doing normal everyday life, but you understand that the disconnection must take place if either is to go forward and fine tune their being and connect to infinite sacred marriage of self and feel that unbreakable connection of oneness within self relationship first connected to the stream of consciousness. The reason for the physical symptoms will be greater than ever felt from disconnecting from anyone or anything you have ever felt. This is because it is a disconnection from something so sacred in the physical realm, but keep in heart ,you are still connected in other dimensions even if it is not on the physical plain. And trust you will be reunited again, it is trusting what you let go if truly the infinite wavelength of your own frequency, it will return to you. love is not for a fortunate few, it is sacred and a right for all beings, love is all and is everything. Once you have connected with your twin flame it is a blending of infinite spirits living in infinite awareness both integrated living as one in physical form .the dimensions blend together as you both reflect each other as the mirror flames you are as one flame. You then can experience quantum astral romance at infinite proportions.

The twin flame dance can be one of a very enigmatic myriad of moves in the dance of infinite love. But it as anything needs work, you are that key. as you do your own inner homework and connect in a sacred union of self within in unconditional loving connection to the pure awareness of the stream of consciousness you then increase your chances that much of crossing paths with your twin flame dancing to the infinite harmonic of the cord of unconditional love on all levels and dimensions with your betrothed .



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  1. I have a somewhat different take on the idea of Twin Flames. Plant Sentience is the Yin side, and Animal Sentience is the Yang side, and of course, there is a Middle Pillar, as any Mushroom would tell you

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