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The Great Australia Road Trip – Page Nine

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Day 9 – Friday – September 24, 2010

Weather:  Cloudy, Breezy & Chilly

Destination:  Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia

Odometer Reading:  97866

Total Distance Traveled:  2523 kilometers (1567 miles)

Price of Fuel:  Tailem Bend – $1.29.9 liter, 58.52 liters, $76.02

Route Taken:  Kingston SE to Meningie to Tailem Bend to Mt. Barker to Adelaide to Snowtown to Port Pirie

Highlights:  It’s another gray morning in the Land Down Under.  My camera is still being sensitive to the cold so now I have to warm it up every morning.  I had to make sure it was warm enough this morning so that on the way out of town we could stop so I could get a photo of the Big Lobster.  That’s two big icons down.



The roads have straightened out a bit, so we’re making better time, but the scenery has become a little boring.  There’s not much to see but flat green fields with a house every once in a while.  Luckily we came to the area around The Coorong and Lake Albert and it gave us something a little different to look at.



We drove through Adelaide today and we’re finding that cities in Australia are really no different than cities in the States.  Just like the States, the cities give road trippers bumper-to-bumper traffic, road construction, and idiot me-first drivers.  I know The Beast is big and I wouldn’t want to get stuck behind it either, but I guess even here some people don’t understand how much this thing weighs.  It can’t stop on a ten cent piece.  Or, even a fifty cent piece.  I found myself holding my breath and hitting my imaginary co-pilot brake a few times.  Not that it does anything.

We decided to stop for the night in Port Pirie and we’re almost a day ahead of schedule.  I’m sure we won’t be able to keep it, but it’s nice to know we have a little bit of a cushion at this point.

It’s getting a bit warmer now that we’re heading north and it was a lovely afternoon.  Rather than sit in The Beast, we sat outside for a bit and enjoyed the end of the day.  The birds came around to check us out and the view from the back of our camp spot wasn’t too bad either.



After dinner we took a walk through the city park that is right next to the campground.  We watched some kids in the skate park for a while and then walked over to the beach area.  We walked out to the end of the fishing dock and watched the tide come in.  I love doing that.  It’s so creepy when it’s dark.  On the way back to camp, we sat on a park bench and watched Friday night in Port Pirie play out for a bit.

The park had only one way for traffic to enter the parking area.  Cars would drive in, go to the end of the parking area, make a u-turn, and then drive back out.  At first we thought it was just somebody made a wrong turn or was just a bit lost like we get every once in a while.  Then the same cars started coming in, driving through, and driving out again.  None of them ever stopped, none of them ever acknowledge the others in passing, and they didn’t act like they were looking for anyone.  They just drove in and then drove out.  A few minutes later they would be back and do it again.  It was very comical to watch.

Stops:  There was nothing much to stop for today except stretches and diesel.

Where We Stayed:  We stayed at the Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park with a spot next to the Port Pirie River.  The rate was $28.00 and it was a very well kept park.

Where We Ate:  We stayed in The Beast and finished off the tortellini soup with the cheese and crackers again.

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6 Responses to “The Great Australia Road Trip – Page Nine”

  1. I am definitely going to have to get a map of Australia and follow along and do a thorough reread.

    A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean.

    How many miles are you doing a day? And yes driving in the cities in the Beast must be trying in any city.

    I did an 8 hour drive yesterday and the biggest thing on my mind was, There ain’t Crap on, on the Radio. Do they have the equivalent of ClearChannel in Australia?

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    Some People's Kids
    Some_Peoples_Kids Reply:

    Hey Roscoe,

    If you can find a road map of Australia here in the States you will be doing better than we did. We had to order ours from a place in Australia. I did use their NRMA website to do a little planning before we received our maps. Here’s the website address http://www.drivethere.com/au if you’d like to check it out.

    At this point we were averaging about 250 miles a day which really isn’t much. As far as radio, we really didn’t have a need for it since we packed all our road trip music which is a very ecclectic mix. Every once in a while we would scan the stations, but never came up with anything interesting for a long enough period of time to leave it on.

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  2. An Aus trip is a dream that many in The States get to take, and many, like me, are still waiting for.

    If I left the city, however, I would be afraid to get out of the vehicle however -- never mind camp outdoors. One might not make it down the trail to the beach, as there is a type of poisonous snake there that actually chases people. And if you do make it to where you can see the water, a saltwater crocodile might jump out of the shrubs & have you for lunch. And if one safely makes into the water, a box jellyfish will surely mean an expatriate funeral.

    Did I forget poisonous spiders, & “A dingo at my baby!”?

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    Snugglepot Reply:

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  3. We live in the city so we like to get out to the “wild” every now and again. All of those things and more (you forgot about the freshwater crocodiles) were considerations in taking the trip when we did. We figured with it being the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the dangerous critters would be just waking up or busy with the continuation of the species thing. That’s also why we chose a motorhome for “camping”. :lol:

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