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SFBPC – Applying CSS

2011-03-03 at 06:08 am BlogBlog  RSSRSS  Subscribe

Applying Code (CSS)


Code (CSS) Quick Instructions:

Copy the code.

Go to Customize Profile.

Go to CSS in the profile designer.

Paste the code in the CSS box and Save, then Close.

Various Code:

CSS Movie

Pre-Made Layout Code:

CSS Movie


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4 Responses to “SFBPC – Applying CSS”

  1. thank you!

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  2. Hi Shan, I can’t change my profile? The CSS box is empty and won’t
    let me paste anything in it!! I sent Kevin a message but he has
    not replied. Please help…

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  3. Is “Paste” grayed out in your context menu? If so, you didn’t copy anything. You must highlight all the code with the cursor from the very top left to the very bottom right, or right-click and “Select All”… then right-click and copy before it will paste.

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  4. A conflict was found between the profile designer and the use of an asterisk ( * ) as a CSS selector to target all text. The issue should now be resolved.

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