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Like almost every time I go out and socialize, last night I did and/or said some things I wish I hadn’t…I must learn how think about what I’m about to do or say…but I can’t/shouldn’t take too long, however much time that is…whatever impact humor has is dependent at least in part, on TIMING…

The first band I saw was pretty good, the second one even better…A Beatles tribute band (the 2nd one) is as hard to do musically as a Beach Boys tribute band is vocally…The Magical Mystery Girls (yes, that’s their name) had their act together…the presentation was chronological, so I missed the first half of the show–the early Beatles, that is, pre-SGT. PEPPER…and time didn’t allow the band to play any songs from ABBEY ROAD or LET IT BE…but I had a pretty good time at both locations…

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