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At some point, I started to see problems with Facebook…in reality, the problems are with Humans; my reasons for being here again after however many years it’s been are no longer clear to me but here I am in any case…I don’t think there’s ANY secure website on the Internet, but I’m not gonna let that stop me…

For whoever may be the least bit interested, I retired a few months ago. I’m not yet bored with retirement; financially, I’m doing OK–not great perhaps, but OK…After a number of years without a car, I now have one…and it’s paid for…it is a very good feeling to be able to come and go as I please…The roomie can do what she wants, I can do what I want…and we do stuff together…

Up until this past Thursday, I was in a Beach Boys tribute Band…Immediately after we played a handful of songs at a (not exactly) nearby bar, I quit the group. We absolutely sucked…and I was so uptight that, while jamming with some other folks, it took a LONG while for my guitar playing to get to its’ usual level, however high (or low) that may be…my plan for tonight is to go check out some local bands…that could be fun…

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