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the senior moments are starting to add up

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So the Holiday Blues are in my bloodstream now…Spring seems so far away…The former in-laws (among others) are coming here on Sunday; I think it’s the final night of Hanukkah…oh boy…the roomie doesn’t want me to NOT be there, so…in workplace news, Robert is on vacation the last two weeks of December…I might be doing the trash, I don’t know yet…

As for those senior moments, I had three of ‘em within about an hour this morning…and a little one this evening–I put my two Klondike™ bars on a plate…but like one of the earlier senior moments, I caught myself; otherwise my phone would probably have been lost…tomorrow is gonna be a long day I think…I’m kinda in the mood to work on the mess in the basement, but that’s not gonna happen…it woulda been a bit less messy if the cat hadn’t knocked over one the stacks of “stuff”…

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