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I think I’ve just about had it with Fakebook…It’s too dark and ugly for me; I still have my cyber-diary, but I actually told a stranger about that…I DO wish I could take that back, I don’t EVEN know why I did that…I met this person on a certain website and then became “friends” on FB…then she posted something *I* found disturbing…It was a picture of (her?) little girl aiming what I hope was a toy gun at something in the kitchen…I don’t really enjoy interacting with Conservative Republican right-wingers, IF that is who she is…oh well…

So (yet again) I’m leaving Zuckerburg’s creation…Unfortunately, it’s the only way for me to contact some people…In Musical news, I’m in a band again, finally…we have 6 gigs next year so far; VERY spread out–I can’t remember ever knowing about a gig a YEAR ahead of time…that feels weird to me…I think I’ll be making about $60 per gig…actually, we’ve only had one practice so far…but I DO think we have lotsa potential…

LATER–I think I may have changed the settings on the site where I have my cyber-diary…I also call it “one way” therapy, for obvious reasons…anyway, I THINK only I can see it…because what I write here is (I think) public, at least for now…

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