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I made some demos about 10 years ago of instrumental songs I wrote…I was just foolin’ around, and yet I was serious too…I played all the instruments…the guitars were real, as was the Bass…the “drums” came from an electronic keyboard, as did the piano–and the flutes and sax…The “production” is fairly bad and the playing is pretty sloppy…but if you can get past THAT and judge the songs, you might like ‘em…and if you knew me well enuff, you would know, like many an Artist, I want you to like ‘em…but I wouldn’t cry if ya didn’t, at least not much…

I’m not sure why exactly, but recently I started thinking that er, uh…well, my making an actual official, professional CD–in a real recording studio is very likely NEVER gonna happen–unless I were to win the Lottery…and I can’t afford to play the Lottery, so that’s that, right? Some of my friends have made albums; maybe I’m jealous…Once upon a time, I recorded ROUGH demo versions of the songs…The 8-track recorder I used way back when (before I had to sell it to pay rent) allowed me to make a CD of the songs, which I then fed into iTunes…And I guess because they are in iTunes, I was able to load them onto my brand new Reverb Nation page…and because I linked the RN page with Facebook, lotsa people just might have the opportunity to hear my Music…That’s what I want and yet it scares me…go figure…and if that wasn’t enough, I created a separate Facebook Page for me the Musician…I think it’s accessible to my Facebook friends…I should check that to make sure…yep, I believe it is…

I suppose it IS possible that people ARE checking the songs out and they don’t like ‘em…I would think that at the very least they would be surprised that I came up with ANY Music of my own…

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