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that’s what it took

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I KNOW my American Life is better than uncountable numbers of other inhabitants of the Planet but it helps me to actually see it for myself…I had this revelation while I was in the Bahamas…I guess the people in that part of the World can look back at their lives and say “We were poor, but we didn’t know it…” For me the goal is to be satisfied with what I have as opposed to agonizing over what I don’t have…and there’s the sub-category of what I NEED versus what I DON’T need…it’s probably also true that I could have come to that conclusion in my own backyard…but I don’t yet regret going on the cruise…I went to the Bahamas on my honeymoon; I don’t remember much of that…1) it was 27 ears ago 2) it was only a three day cruise and 3) I took a fair amount of anti-seasickness pills…This time I was much more active (most of the time) and took about 100 pictures–all on my iPhone…

This cruise lasted a whole week…I did take some Dramamine this time as well, but not as much…All the longtime cruisers said the seas were exceptionally calm–until (I think) Saturday, somewhere around North Carolina…the veterans were almost as unsteady as I was…now it’s 9 PM Sunday, I’ve been off the ship for not quite 12 hours and now I’m feeling slightly “oogy”…perhaps having pizza for Dinner wasn’t such a good idea…oh well…

MONDAY–I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING, but there are things I need to do…such is Life…

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  1. This is a wonderful blog i seen it when i started to write one myself your outlook on life is wonderful if only more of us would think like you , your cruise sounds amazing but the part that drew me to this was your line we where poor but we didn’t know it my Mother made sure we had all we needed nice cloths for school a good little clean house to live in so we wouldn’t feel as poor as we where what i didn’t realize until i got older was she work two jobs ,did other things just to make extra money for us and that was the reason when she was home she slept most of the time she about killed herself just to make sure we didn’t know we where so poor and to give us what we needed ,i think a lot of us to the same thing for our children ..
    I just wish so many of us would look around and realize all of the wonderful things that we already have and enjoy our life just a little and not work our butt off day and not just to have the things we really dont even need ..
    I am sorry i didn’t mean to write so much you just made me realize that i need to be happy and enjoy the things i already have .
    Ahain this is a wonderful message .

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    a.s. geshen
    scooter Reply:

    thanx Debbie…actually it can be a bit of a struggle to be optimistic, but I’m getting better at it…

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