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What does the World look like to you?

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Maybe it’s what the Media generally does–emphasize the bad things that happen to Humanity…Good news is hard to find, not impossible but not all that common either…I don’t WANT to be pessimistic about Life on Planet Earth, but I almost feel that I have no choice…My Life?  I feel somewhat blessed, more or less…It could be better, but it could be way worse…If it’s not so great, it could be that *I* am partially to blame…As for what I see of the World when I look through that electronic window? Pretty ugly…Sometimes (like lately) it seems like the World is a HUGE mess, whatever your definition of “mess” is…and I DO think it’s uglier now than when I was a kid…There are people that can and do rise above the mess; not everyone can though…And there are people that can and do give of themselves selflessly to make the World a better place–but not everyone can do that…Be aware that people with their head in the sand may be fearful, not apathetic…just sayin’…

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  1. Great to see you back and blogging!

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  2. Scooter, I so agree with you. I look around and see so much beauty in nature, then I think of man and what we have done to each other and it breaks my heart. I fear for my grandbabies growing up amidst this evil. What will their tiny little eyes see? I try not to think on this a lot, the shape of our world or it will take me under. Sad sad sad

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