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The humming Lady

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A voice from the past humming
From years long gone
Haunted me with broken vows
A memory of a song thought true
From the dawn of my youth.
Haunted me with shattered dreams
it breaks into your feeble mind
it incites within you utter fear
yet its humming voice, you long to hear
A vision of a lady’s face
From a time of whispered promises.
Haunted me with an out of this world music
A recurring dream visits you
Upon every full moon
You are lost in a dark
Lit up in a foggy haze
It’s call screams in your mind…
But where is it?
All that you know is…
it finds you no matter where you are
its presence surrounds you near and far
it gives you nightmares every night
it gives you horror, chills and fright, and some comfort too .
Is this just a dream ?
I can hear myself humming ..
A ghost guarding my soul
I thought so I could remember no other
Now I know that wasn’t so
The humming was keeping it safe for me
So close…
You can sense its presence.
So close…
A phantom in your mind
Reaching into your physical realm
Its icy cold touch,
so close…
Now the voice I hear again …Am i dreaming ??
Music of passion, passion and fear
Is this just a dream ?
A variation of a dream..
An Awakening maybe ..
Now I see a vision of a future.
I can hear it true music answering my dreams
I say good-bye to the past.
The ghost has gone silent
To haunt me nevermore.

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  1. Awesome blog ;)
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  2. very beautiful :)

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  4. Beautiful Just Beautiful :love:

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    AWAHJD Reply:

    Thanks Debbie :) :love: :love: :love:

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  5. Wow ! What a post ! :groovy:

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  7. Beautiful post Anjelica :-D

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