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Bones, My Foster Dog

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I would like to share with you a pic of a foster dog named ‘Bones’ whom I welcomed into my home in February.

Well, my friends, this is a pic of him when I first met him. I can not wait to share a pic of how he looks today. heart emoticon

Lightly baked salmon, lightly scrambled organic eggs enriched with flaxseed and omega three… I added senior suppliments
I know it is not vegan, but of course dogs’ needs are very different than ours.
I would also like to mention the eggs came from the chicken I rescued awhile back from kids tormenting her (remember the paint?). She is now on a high quality diet with no animal bi-products. The feed I use is enriched with flaxseed and omega 3, keeping her healthy and happy and putting the nutrients into her eggs.

Here is a pic of Bones after only 8 days with me :)

. The shelter I fostered him through wrote:
“Bones has a foster family !!! Although he is a little rough to look at due to his health issues (autoimmune disorders), he has a heart of gold. And so does Tonya Feather, who looked beyond his appearance to see his true spirit. He now has 3 foster canine siblings and a few human ones as well ! We know that being able to run and play with all his new friends will do more for his health than any medicine could.”

How very true.

Fostering is easy, simply open your home and heart to a new friend.

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  1. He is beautiful you have such a kind heart i have always said i wish that i lived on a big farm so i could take all of the animals that need a home my daughter just adopted a beautiful white dog that was about to be put to sleep she said the last thing she needed was another dog but when they called her there was no way she wouls let them put it to sleep

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