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A Gift That Continues to Give

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I posted this beautiful picture last year onto my Facebook timeline…around October, I believe.

A supporter, June Anderson wrote me asking where to find this print. I did not know, I stumbled upon it on the internet. June wrote me back about 20 minutes later informing me she found the site(s) where she could purchase the pic….she is a great internet detective! ♥ June later informed me she purchased a print for herself and one as a gift to me as well! It was such a kind gesture, I actually cried happy tears. When it arrived, it was much more beautiful and magestic than I could ever imagined….to stunning to keep to myself.

With blessings from June, I decided to donate the print to my children’s local school, who’s mascott happens to be the wolf. I felt it would make more of an impact and help wolves in a place where hundrens of young impressionable minds of elementary children could see, rather than maybe only 10 people if it were in my house. It took a few months for them to find a frame, ect….but now, James Marlowe Elementary School has this beautiful picture hanging in their school library!

You can purchase an ‘Enchantment Of the Wolf’ print for yourself at:

Details here:
http://tammara.deviantart.com/art/Enchantment-Of-the-Wolf-details-277312997 My take on “Little Red Riding hood”. *Beautiful model used as reference for Red is Jessica.

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