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POEM: The Golden Goose

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This was written to the art below,

our featured work on the CPC Simple Sunday Picture challenge.

It is by New Englander Tyler Edlin, and is titled “Kodran Migrant Fleet”



The Kodran merchants sally forth
To sell the goods they made on board
in ships designed for life at sea
till they reach market with their hoard.

Whole families in inboard suites
grow and craft for those in need
wherever in the world they are.
the Kodran sell to those in need.

Seas may be rough, they carry on:
produce the most desirable.
The freeest markets draw Kodran;
their business most reliable.

Hailed they were both far and wide
by eager traders everywhere
until the day the seas were closed
when tyrants caught them unaware.

The dictators were jealous sorts.
They wanted profits of their own.
So Kodrans’ golden goose was killed,
and the new world did want, and moan.

Copyright March 23rd 2013 RGD

Inspired by the art “Kodran Migrant Fleet” by Tyler Edlin

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