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Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

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They carry them self as a mature adults
with a silly, care-free streak,
But blind comments and messages received and read
show that facade is growing weak.
Subtle stabs and smirks in this direction
are more irritating than hurtful to me,
Since they protest against being such a fakes with such powerful assumptions
before knowledge allows the eyes to see….
Their manipulation of mutual friends
who care enough to give them the loving attention
They crave, is not a secret, We see your pitiful ways,
and the shame it should cause gives time for reflection.
You’re a jealousy prone, emotion-driven children,
We tried to ignore their childish games
but everything there was is now gone.
They will send you messages saying ‘Hey girlie’ or ‘Luvs!’
They are nobody, false friends to the world
Besides, We don’t need two-faced compassion
from some selfish nasty immature humans.

Speak the Truth !
So mote it be !

The unknown Writer !

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5 Responses to “Speak the truth even if your voice shakes”

  1. Truth be told I am about ready to delete most of my so called friends.
    I mean why would I want to remain friends with people who I only thought had convictions and the guts to stand up for all those children they go around professing to love anyways….?
    Oh ya they care alright ….only in their mind …….
    I gotta tell ya …………..I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you come down on….
    If you don’t stand up against child molesters and Pedo priests and the criminal behavior that allows them to continue their crimes…..I don’t wnat or need any of them on my friends list.
    People here on FriendBurst who do not only have the decency to acknowledge the Fucking debauchery of the supposed Holy Roman Catholic Church…..get the fuck off my page……..
    Fuck em all Aby………….figuratively that is not literally like the people they continue to support through their continued silence.

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    Absinthe Reply:

    I so agree with you DL , people need to have a back bone and stand up for any kind of abuse especially Pedo !
    But the majority prefer to remain in the dark and silent again especially when it’s about Church!
    Thanks DL :love:

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    Absinthe Reply:

    I hear a sound ..click click …oh it’s ‘friends’ deleting me lol

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    D_LEMUR Reply:

    I once had over 500 friends here…then it dawned on me that it would be damn near impossible to realistically maintain all those friendships. I cut it down to something like 75….but even that is a load of wishfull thinking….even now at the present 54 is fucking ridiculous lolololol
    Time to get deleting again….:)

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  2. love the one you’re with

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