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POEM: Paradise Lost

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This was written to the featured art on this week’s CPC Simple Sunday Picture challenge.

The art is titled “Ruins 022814″ and is by American artist Jereme Peabody


The wizard had warned her
she could never return.
But she had not listened;
curiosity burned.

To see what the future
might hold for the better.
For there seemed so many
opportunities for her.

The spell made a space warp,
sent her ahead in time;
the fourteenth century
left very far behind.

But she could still visit
where it had all happened.
Bell of the prince’s ball
a whole lifetime to spend.

She knew adoration
from both prince and the court.
Too much of a burden,
or too lightly a sport?

Now as she strolled slowly
into ruined Great Hall,
the memories flooded
her sad heart wall to wall.

Now deeply regretted
flight away from her test,
realizing at last
that past time was the best.

Copyright March 1, 2014 RGD

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2 Responses to “POEM: Paradise Lost”

  1. Wow Loving this beautiful poetry with art Alot of meaning within..true ..Smiles :love:

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    Scotorum Reply:

    Thanks so much Diane! And yes it was intended to have broader meaning for us today :wink: :mrgreen: :love:

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