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Following Your Bliss

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Blogophilia Week 52.6 Topic: Follow Your Bliss

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate a quote from Thomas Paine

(Easy, 1 point) Use the phrase “get out now”








Blackbirds blackbirds

I hear them sing

They fill the skis on a sunny day

Beauty is the ones that

Brings on the spring

Some call them snow birds

Me I just love to hear them sing





Follow your bliss

If you have the potential and passion

Dedicate you self to if

Know in your heart that it is real and go for it

Doors may open just where you knew were close for you before

Stay on what you love and what you do well in

And whats needed to get you there

Focus on what the world had to offer you in ways of what you can do to get ahead

Listen and learn

With all heart

If the heart is full you will know

The path and action to take

Wherethe good are bad

If heart is empty with dared you know that change have to be made

Act on impulse make your thoughts and are dreams manifest into reality of the real

Share and ask question of what why and how

Truth your gust instinct wisdom will so lead you far





Get out

Get out now

Spread your wings

Drop the ball and chains

So just follow your wits they want stir you wrong

You will never know until you try

Age color are gender no matter just give what ever you want to do in life a fare change

Some times the answer you want could be no

Yet try it any ways

All answers can be no

There is always a yes there some where

Knock on those doors shake them ever if you have to

Let no bars ever hold you back

Just get out there

Get out now

And give what ever it is

You best shot what can it hurt

Nothing but you

And you only if you never try




Thomas Paime Quotes …


What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”
Thomas Paine, The American Crisis



Independence is my happiness, and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man




Written By: Bettie Davis ————————————— © February 16 , 2o14



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Bonus suggestions : The Birds / Birds Of The Ski / Black Bird Pie / Three Little Birds / Blackbirds / The Crow

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