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Simple Sunday Hangs Suspended!

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Welcome to the CPC’s Simple Sunday Picture Challenge!

We’re right here in your host’s New England territory this week

visiting the work of Tyler Edlin.




TylerEdlinArt's Profile Picture

His specialty is digital fantasy art.

He has designed screens for a video game called Fatecraft.

Our featured work is his “lost valley.”

Write what your poetic muse sees in or imagines from this image


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8 Responses to “Simple Sunday Hangs Suspended!”

  1. Seem Bob will be bit late ta nite all so .. Welcome to CPC’s Simple Sunday Picture Challenge .. Write what see in art work posted ta nite .. Hugzzzzzzz .. Thank you .. :love: :)

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    Scotorum Reply:

    Hey (((Bettie))) thanks for opening -- family evening here and it ended late. :-D :love:

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    Bettie Davis
    Bettie Reply:

    Your so welcome Bob.. Any time for know like me most time be family night weekend .. Hugzzzzzzs Now .. :love: :)

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    A kingdom
    Right in the mid skis
    Just a flow over the lands below
    Paradise in eyes view clouds all around see
    Mountains to the left and to the right
    Trees and forest
    Some where is the mix
    And a valley
    Narrow and long
    From end to end beautiful site for the eye to see most like a hot air bloom
    Yet much more define
    Not quite
    The heaven
    And far from being earth
    So no where near hell way to cool for that yet be a world of world of its very own paradise in the ski


    Written By: Bettie Davis ————————————-- © February 15 , 2014

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    Scotorum Reply:

    Paradise indeed (((Bettie)) just with limited travel opps unless it can fly -- thoughtful write to the image! :-D :love: :entertained:

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    Bettie Davis
    Bettie Reply:

    So appreciate you are please wit piece here ta nite .. Thanks much Bob .. Hugzzzzzzzs .. :) :love:

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  3. SSArt21514 photo SSArt21514_zps47f45f75.jpg


    In a valley, lost to civilization
    grew a society so perfect,
    mankind could not conjure its realization.
    It escaped all subjective direct.

    Perfect virtue, constant consideration.
    Maximum freedom, power dispersed.
    Objective standards in sovereign nation,
    insuring judicial prevail, never cursed.

    Such a creation drew divine attention,
    an amazing achievement of human spirit.
    As cupidity spread in its direction,
    ’twas rescued to Heaven, where none would fear it..

    Copyright February 15th 2014 RGD

    Inspired by “Lost Valley” by Tyler Edlin

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    Bettie Davis
    Bettie Reply:

    Beautiful piece here Bob .. So love where ya went wit this for art work here .. Hugzzzzzzzs Now .. :love: :love:

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