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Photo – Barbara Kausteklis – Oahu 2013



Wouldn’t it be wonderful,
wouldn’t it be grand
if every day
would simply go
my way,
exactly as I planned?


I’m afraid that’s just
not the way it is
most of the time
or even meant to be;
very few things
(at least for me)
go exactly how
they’re planned to be.


I’m sure that the Creator
gets a chuckle every day
while watching me
trying to get everything
in order and how I think
it’s all supposed to be.


So over these many years
(and it’s taken quite a long time),
if there’s one thing I’ve learned,
it’s to be grateful for each day
however it turns out,
for the good days
and the bad days
and for everything
in between,
when things go
the way I planned,
or however they
turn out to be.


(c) barbara kausteklis 10-3-13


Written for CPC “Thematic Attic Thursday
Shares the Day’s Goodness.”




Thanks always for your visits and comments

and for helping to make my days

even better days.


Love and Hugs.



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6 Responses to “FOR EVERY DAY GRATEFUL (with photo)”

  1. i too have those days barbara hoping to make it one way having it come out totally different maybe not as i would like it but them the next day sometimes comes out better so keep smiling it will happen eventualy lov inky great write

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    The best “medicine” indeed. Thanks so much, Inky! :love: :love: :love: and (((HUGS)))

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  2. Great write Barbara.

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Thanks so much, Jean! Glad to share. :love: :love: :love: (((HUGS)))

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  3. Plans are just guides we use to get from “Point A” to “Point B”, there are just too many variables in-between to ever go as planned no matter how well conceived. If at the end of a long day I am able to close my eyes on my own terms, then it has been a good day… and that is all that really matters. :)

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    I love how you put it. So wonderfully wise. Thanks so much, D.U.B.! :love: :love: :love:

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