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HEROIC — A “Simple Sunday” Piece

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 photo CPCASimpleSunday--BoatinaStorm_zpsee2c610a.jpg

“Boat in a Storm” by RHAD


In the midst of confusion
and chaos all around,
shards of lightening flashing
and thunder’s crashing sound,
they’ve stood their ground
and overcome what would
surely overpower anyone,
their courage and resolve
in adversity’s face
an example to us all.

“Bring them on,” they’ve  said,
storms threatening to consume,
selflessly embracing the challenge
with courage they never thought they had,
summoned from somewhere deep inside,
strength never imagined before,
rising up and taking charge,
moving aside
and pushing through
the storms of today
and making way for a brighter day.

“T’was nothing special,”
they might say,
but it is more than special,
and heroic in our eyes.

(c) barbara kausteklis 8-25-13

Written for today’s CPC “A Simple Sunday”
featuring RHAD’s “Boat in a Storm.”


Thanks always for your visits and comments.

Lots of Love and Big Hugs.

~barb k~

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6 Responses to “HEROIC — A “Simple Sunday” Piece”


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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Thanks so much, Inky! Glad to be able to share it. :love: :love: :love:

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  2. Awesome write for this artwork Barbara. God bless.

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Thanks so much, Jean! Glad to be able to share the artwork in this way. And God bless you too. I’ll be stopping by to read your pieces I’ve missed. :love: :love: :love:

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  3. Nice, Barb. Sorry I haven’t been visiting here. I do all my writing on WordPress. I got notified by Myspace last week that they are going to set up a new blog platform and make it possible to retrieve the blogs that were “lost” when they dropped the old one. You have to put in a request. If you had saved your blogs somewhere else it doesn’t matter, but I should be ablr to get the blogs back from my first three years of writing. YAY! :-P

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Thanks so much, Sandra! I also have a WordPress page though haven’t posted there for quite a long time. Maybe I’ll do some of that as well. Except for my weekly Blogophilia pieces over on Facebook, I haven’t posted much of anything at all. I’m so very glad to see you here today. Aloha from Oahu on this Monday morning as I type on my little laptop. That’s great news about being able to retrieve the blogs from Myspace. I did see that as well the last time I checked over there and put in a request. I really hope they do follow through. Though I do have most things saved in one way or another, it would be nice to have all of them in a consistently saved package. I’m so glad to hear from you today and I’ll look for your page over on WordPress. :love: :love: :love: and Aloha Hugs.

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