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“Two Ways” by *m-eralp






Considering the choices
I’ve had along the way,
some so clearly marked
by signs and lights,
illuminated so bright
and no mistaking the way
and some not so clear,
the path rather dim,
I wonder now
if it really matters at all
what direction I take
when I reach that inevitable
fork in the road;
a choice to be made,
which path to take
through the deep forests
and mountain passes of this life,
to get to where I want to be
when the sun goes down
at my journey’s end.

And in another time and place
(not so long ago I’d like to think)
I wondered what I might have missed
(if anything at all)
by going this way or that,
or whether or not
I’d have another chance
to retrace or erase
those steps I’ve taken
and start my trek
all over again.

But I must conclude,
upon considering the choices,
that the most important thing
to me in the end
is that I took
at least one step
in whatever direction
and persevered to
wherever the path led,
that I didn’t get stuck
(or at least not for too long),
forever stopped in my tracks,
unable to decide on a path
at a fork in the road.

(c) barbara kausteklis 5-27-13

Written for this past Sunday’s CPC A SIMPLE SUNDAY
which featured the art of *m-eralp.


Thanks always for visits and comments.

Lots of Love and Big Hugs from Southern California
on this Thursday morning.

Link to previous piece posted on Friendburst (yesterday)



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6 Responses to “CONSIDERING THE FORKS IN THE ROAD — A “Simple Sunday” Piece”

  1. I think we often wonder had we chosen another path in life, if things would be better, or worse, for us. Marvelous write Barbara. God bless.

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Indeed we often do. And sometimes it takes a long time to come to a point of accepting where we are and how we got there and continuing to move forward with no regrets. Glad to be able to share this artist’s thought-provoking painting with these words. Thanks so much, Jean! :love: :love: :love:

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  2. i look at life this way if i travel any road evetually i will have a fork to contend with so i dont worry on the forks i left behind but on the ones ahead,, beautiful write barbara

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Such a great attitude. I love it! Thanks so much, Inky! :love: :love: :love:

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  3. Great thoughtful wisdom in your write Barbara, as always! :-D :love:

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    Barbara Kausteklis
    Barbara_K Reply:

    Thanks so much, Scotorum! Always such fun to try these. :love: :love: :love:

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