the reasons why

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I KNOW there’s more important things goin’ on in the World–like always…but I know ME more than I know about anything else, so…I went out last night with the intention to play Music with somebody, anybody…I had two choices of places to go to accomplish that…I didn’t wanna go to Hershey’s because a certain young [...]

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Frozen Moments

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that’s what it took

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I KNOW my American Life is better than uncountable numbers of other inhabitants of the Planet but it helps me to actually see it for myself…I had this revelation while I was in the Bahamas…I guess the people in that part of the World can look back at their lives and say “We were poor, [...]

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~Never Give Up ~

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t When you get should build a box with your wedding date written on the outside . On the inside  put two sealed love letters that you wrote    why you fell in love ~ and a bottle of wine from the year you started dating ~ Then if things ever get too hard [...]

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Edge of a Paradise

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Love Is Not a Contract

2015-09-03 BlogBlog RSSRSS

I don’t believe in black or white, wrong or right… Do or Die. Of course, in love, I want you to be, here with me… but love is free. Isn’t it better to love by choice, rather than necessity?

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The Mask

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Humble Abode

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A Boy and the White Stone

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So Close to You

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Actions, Choices and Consequences

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I Came Upon an Eagle

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What does the World look like to you?

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  Maybe it’s what the Media generally does–emphasize the bad things that happen to Humanity…Good news is hard to find, not impossible but not all that common either…I don’t WANT to be pessimistic about Life on Planet Earth, but I almost feel that I have no choice…My Life?  I feel somewhat blessed, more or less…It [...]

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The Throw Away…

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I lived this at the age of 16… you just never know where life will take you on the journey we call life. Never give up, better days are on the horizon, you just have to chase that dream. Dw

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I had no idea…

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So I was just doing what I usually do before bedtime (more or less) when I discovered that apparently there still is a thing called FRIENDBURST…I’m currently bored with the other FB, so it’s nice to have somewhere else to go…That is, it seems like there’s still a thing called FRIENDBURST…how is that possible? I’ve [...]

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Everybody Hurts…

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It Isn’t Fair

2015-08-20 BlogBlog RSSRSS
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