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Born in Los Angeles, Art grew up in Key West where he lived four years in the Hemingway Home. He is the son of internationally known artist, Van Noble, who opened the Hemingway Home as an Art Gallery before it became a museum. On moving, he acquired a lamp from the home. He still writes under the lamp.

Writer, Speaker, Poet, Teacher, Art is an expert in the technical aspects of sexual love. His books in print include, Unmailed Letters to a Married Woman ( a literary,epistle piece, with poetry read on National Public Radio and The Sacred Female, ( a novel showing how sexual love may transform a man. The erotica focuses on responses rather than the act and there are more normal sexual responses than the general public is aware of.

Art has a broad knowledge of modern sexual science and ancient sexual history. He is not an expert in Tantra, relationships, or anything other than heterosexual love. He will be posting blogs for your review, some that will specualte based on scientific fact, and will tell you what is accepted fact, and what is my speculation. He has traced the source of some of the sexual myths we live with and will be blogging about them to show how they have impacted our sexuality.

After his novel, Art started a radio show on Women’s Radio Network where he met and interviewed more fantastic women: some scientists, some just regular women without scientific background. He is currently working on a non-fiction piece and has fantastic input from Dr. Beverly Whipple, et al, in the field of sexual science, and provide a new mechanism for looking at "love." They provided direction for this new book.

Noble holds a BS in Ocean Engineering and an MBA. Professionally, he was an adventurer on the cutting edge of technology and an executive engineer. Like Robert Service and scores of other poets and authors, he has acquired and held many jobs including technical writer and commercial diver in the offshore oil field, giving him an eclectic voice. He ended his diving career as an Associate Professor of Underwater Technology at Florida Institute of Technology, Jensen Beach. His poetry is published in South Florida publications, Anthologies, International magazines, and read on National Public Radio. He lives in Jensen beach with his Toy Poodle, Clousseau.

Art's website is Have a great day and keep open to love: it is all around us.

Who I'd Like to Meet

Close-minded people who are more interested in facts than their own opinion. Open minded people who will, to some degeree, share their experiences. My experience outstrips science, but that doesn't mean I know everything, just more than most, and that is only a little tiny bit of what there is to learn.

Enyarwen wrote at October 3, 10:01:36 am

We need memories , souvenirs .... because when times are dark or sad, we can live in our mind and in our heart the sweet moments of the past, even fugitive, and for a short instant, we are happy again, and all is different .... I wish you a peaceful day *** With Love ♥

Nous avons besoin de souvenirs .... parce que quand les temps sont sombres ou tristes, nous pouvons revivre dans notre esprit et dans notre coeur les moments doux du passé, même fugitifs et pour un court instant , nous sommes heureux à nouveau et tout est différent ... je vous souhaite une journée paisible *** Avec Amour

Enyarwen wrote at October 1, 10:27:40 am

Enyarwen wrote at September 28, 10:16:48 am

Last week end of September .... days are shorter ... so I share with you this video, about Light, on different levels, because the more we enter in cold season, the more light inside is gowing .... Have a passionate week end, laugh, live, love, dream ............... ♥

Dernier week end de Septembre, les jours sont plus courts, aussi je partage avec vous cette vidéo, sur la Lumière, à différents niveaux, parce que plus nous entrons dans les saisons froides, plus la Lumière intérieure grandit ... passez un week end passionné, riez, vivez, aimez, rêvez ... ♥

Enyarwen wrote at September 26, 9:51:46 am

When you can't sleep, you can close your eyes and let the mind floating wherever it wants .... I do ... Smile Happy day my friends ♥

Music : Breakfast Alone by The Whole Other

Lorsque vous ne pouvez pas dormir, vous pouvez fermer les yeux et laisser l'esprit flotter là où il veut .... je le fais Smile Belle journée les amis ♥

Enyarwen wrote at September 24, 10:38:38 am

Awesome new week and Full Moon with Priestresses to give you all the blessings you need ************ Love and Light ♥

Merveilleuse nouvelle semaine et Pleine Lune avec les Prêtresses pour vous donner toutes les bénédictions dont vous avez besoin ******** Amour et Lumière ♥

Enyarwen wrote at September 21, 9:56:48 am

Here we are this week end, Autumn, Equinox, and all beautiful changes of this sweet time of year *** I wish you all a wonderful season, the pleasures of walks and cosy evenings ... Mabon's Celebration starts today * Blessings and Love ♥

Music by Andrew Huang

Nous y sommes enfin ce week end, l'Automne, l'Equinoxe et les beaux changements de cette douce période de l'année *** Je vous souhaite à tous une merveilleuse saison, le plaisir des promenades et des soirées cosy ... La Célébration de Mabon commence aujourd'hui * Bienfaits et Amour ♥

Enyarwen wrote at September 17, 10:02:09 am

One star to guide you this week, to keep you safe and strong, to make you creative and shining ... yours **** Follow your star * Wish you the best *** Love ♥

Une étoile pour vous guider cette semaine, pour vous garder forts et en sécurité, pour vous rendre créatifs et lumineux ... la vôtre *** Suivez votre étoile *** Je vous souhaite le meilleur *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at September 14, 10:07:22 am

Already the end of the week, the time takes off with an incredible speed, everything goes so fast... Let us take advantage of the weekend to appreciate good moments and to savor a little of peace *** Kisses to all ♥

Music By Quincas Moreira

Déjà la fin de semaine, le temps file avec une rapidité incroyable, tout va si vite ... Profitons du week end pour apprécier les bons moment et savourer un peu de calme *** Bisous à tous *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at September 12, 9:41:07 am

With Love ** My Text ♥

Le Baiser

Ta main dans la mienne

Pour une tendre danse

Tes lèvres sur mon cou

Cherchant ma bouche

Quel doux moment

Dont je rêve toujours

Te sentant si proche

Même ton ombre

Jouant sur la plage

Serre moi fort

Je suis tienne

En cette nuit bleue

Jusqu'à ce que le feu éclate

Puis vient la tendresse

Instants de doux repos

Fais moi un câlin

Joue contre joue

Donne moi un baiser

Ne t'arrête pas

Un infini baiser

Gravé dans la pierre

Pour l'éternité

Prends moi dans tes bras

Où je me sens en sécurité

Je me sens libre

Et embrasse moi encore

Gentiment et légèrement

Murmure à mon oreille

Des mots éternels

Tendre Amour

Ma superbe Flamme

Délicat Amour

Ou Brûlant Amour

Nous marchons ensemble

Avec complicité


Tout le jour

Ton baiser

Hors du temps

Hors de l'espace

Nous sommes Un

L'Amour est scellé

Par notre baiser

© The Kiss ... ENY 2013

Enyarwen wrote at September 10, 10:13:28 am

Far from crowded cities, noises of all sorts, I heard a whisper, light and infinite, like a sweet melody in my head and my heart .... Have all a lovely week dear friends *** ♥

Loin des villes bondées, des bruits de toutes sortes, j'ai entendu un murmure, léger et infini, comme une douce mélodie dans ma tête et mon coeur ... Passez une belle semaine chers amis *** ♥

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