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Born in Los Angeles, Art grew up in Key West where he lived four years in the Hemingway Home. He is the son of internationally known artist, Van Noble, who opened the Hemingway Home as an Art Gallery before it became a museum. On moving, he acquired a lamp from the home. He still writes under the lamp.

Writer, Speaker, Poet, Teacher, Art is an expert in the technical aspects of sexual love. His books in print include, Unmailed Letters to a Married Woman ( a literary,epistle piece, with poetry read on National Public Radio and The Sacred Female, ( a novel showing how sexual love may transform a man. The erotica focuses on responses rather than the act and there are more normal sexual responses than the general public is aware of.

Art has a broad knowledge of modern sexual science and ancient sexual history. He is not an expert in Tantra, relationships, or anything other than heterosexual love. He will be posting blogs for your review, some that will specualte based on scientific fact, and will tell you what is accepted fact, and what is my speculation. He has traced the source of some of the sexual myths we live with and will be blogging about them to show how they have impacted our sexuality.

After his novel, Art started a radio show on Women’s Radio Network where he met and interviewed more fantastic women: some scientists, some just regular women without scientific background. He is currently working on a non-fiction piece and has fantastic input from Dr. Beverly Whipple, et al, in the field of sexual science, and provide a new mechanism for looking at "love." They provided direction for this new book.

Noble holds a BS in Ocean Engineering and an MBA. Professionally, he was an adventurer on the cutting edge of technology and an executive engineer. Like Robert Service and scores of other poets and authors, he has acquired and held many jobs including technical writer and commercial diver in the offshore oil field, giving him an eclectic voice. He ended his diving career as an Associate Professor of Underwater Technology at Florida Institute of Technology, Jensen Beach. His poetry is published in South Florida publications, Anthologies, International magazines, and read on National Public Radio. He lives in Jensen beach with his Toy Poodle, Clousseau.

Art's website is Have a great day and keep open to love: it is all around us.

Who I'd Like to Meet

Close-minded people who are more interested in facts than their own opinion. Open minded people who will, to some degeree, share their experiences. My experience outstrips science, but that doesn't mean I know everything, just more than most, and that is only a little tiny bit of what there is to learn.

Enyarwen wrote at December 9, 11:08:45 am

A tale of One thousand and One nights with Esther, Queen of Persia ... I played with scenes, as often, to give more relief Smile Enjoy your week end *** Love ♥

Un Conte des Mille et Une Nuits avec Esther, Reine de Perse ... J'ai joué avec les scènes, pour donner plus de relief Wink Passez un bon week end *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at December 7, 11:19:51 am

Having a passion for Arthurian Quest, I wrote many poems about different characters .... Here is the one about Lady of the Lake, named differently according authors ... Lagu is her rune, symbolically, connected with water, spiritual world and magic *** Hope you 'll like ♥

Eatant une passionnée de la Quête Arthurienne, j'ai composé plusieurs poèmes sur divers personnages ... Ici il s'agit d'un texte sur La Dame du Lac, appelée différemment selon les auteurs ... Lagu est sa rune, symboliquement, en connexion avec l'eau, le monde spirituel, la magie *** J'espère que vous aimerez ♥

Enyarwen wrote at December 4, 10:59:59 am

Snow remains a dream here .... I would love just few days in winter to enjoy the beauty of a snowy coat .... Anyways .... I can imagine and offer you a video Smile Have a beautiful week *** Love ♥

La neige demeure un rêve ici ... j'aimerais juste quelques jours en hiver pour profiter d'un manteau de neige .... Quoiqu'il en soit, je peux toujours imaginer et vous offrir une vidéo Smile Passez une belle semaine *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at December 1, 11:18:23 am

Here we are, December, the magical month is arrived ... First Light this Sunday with Full Moon ... so I wish you a fabulous week end *** Joy and Sweetness to celebrate this transition *** Love ♥

Nous y voilà, Décembre, le mois magique, est arrivé . Première Lumière ce Dimanche avec la Pleine Lune... aussi je vous souhaite un fabuleux week end *** Joie et douceur pour célébrer cette transition *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 27, 11:22:33 am

Enjoy the charm of B & W to start this new week I wish you beautiful and creative *** Love ♥

Appréciez le charme du N & B pour démarrer cette nouvelle semaine que je vous souhaite belle et créative *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 24, 11:38:55 am

With this video I close the series Writing my Dream ... Other ones will follow, I have new ideas Smile Have a great week end, time to rest, laugh, and dream of course *** Love ♥

Avec cette vidéo, je clôture la série Writing my Dream ... D'autres suivront, j'ai de nouvelles idées Smile Passez un week end génial, du temps pour se reposer, pour rire, et bien sûr pour rêver *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 22, 11:20:52 am

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in some countries ... I always participate to share my gratitude for all the blessings we have every day in our life *** Despite all problems in different areas, we also have many gifts making us happy and comfortable .... Love ♥

Demain est le jour de Thanksgiving (les grâces) dans plusieurs pays. Je participe toujours afin de partager ma gratitude pour les bénédictions que nous recevons dans nos vies ... Malgré tous les problèmes que nous avons dans divers domaines, nous avons aussi beaucoup de cadeaux qui nous permettent d'être heureux et en sécurité ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 19, 11:27:59 am

November's nights are deeply dark ... this whole month is dedicated to shadows and all which has to die, outside and inside .... to finally let the light shine more and more ... Have a great day/night ... With Love ♥

Les nuits de Novembre sont profondément sombres ... ce mois entier est dédié aux ombres et à ce qui doit mourir, extérieurement et intérieurement ... pour finalement laisser la lumière briller de plus en plus .. Passer une belle journée/nuit *** Avec Amour ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 16, 11:23:39 am

It's a time we like to stay cosy, close to a fireplace, with a cat at our feets, a good book, and a cup of tea or chocolate ... I love this mood ... wish you a beautiful day/evening .... Kisses ♥

C'est le moment où nous aimons rester confortablement, près du feu, un chat à nos pieds, avec un bon livre, un thé ou un chocolat ... j'adore cette ambiance ... je vous souhaite une bonne journée/ soirée ... Bisous ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 13, 11:25:03 am

Anne de Bretagne (1477-1514) Queen of Germany with Maximilien d'Autriche, Queen of France with Charles VII, then Queen of France with Louis XII . She was a precursor of Renaissance, as a maecenas of arts . She brought refinement to the Court of France . Her daughter, Claude de France, will be the wife of François 1st. ♥

Anne de Bretagne, (1477-1514) Reine de Germanie avec Maximilien d'Autriche, Reine de France avec Charles VIII, puis Reine de France avec Louis XII. Elle fut précurseur de la Renaissance, en tant que mécène des arts et apporta du raffinement à la Cour de France . Sa fille, Claude de France, sera l'épouse de François 1er . ♥

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