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Fox on a River

Total Plays: 14

Save the fox on the river. Shoot all the rocks before they hit the water and let the water rise.

Hunt or Die

Total Plays: 14

Hunt or Die. The title says it all. You are a prehistoric hunter, making good use of your opposable thumb to twang arrows into beasts that would be perfectly happy to snack on you. Explore an expansive world that grows in discovery and danger the further you venture, collect dozens of achievements, and do your best to find and defeat the monstrous world boss who will ultimately determine whether you hunt, or die.

Maze: Episode 37

Total Plays: 14

This is a Classig Maze Game

Jump Jump Rabbit

Total Plays: 14

In order to see the lovely female rabbit, rabbit began the arduous journey, helped him escape the Wolf blocked, reunited with lovely female rabbit.

Caved In
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 14

Originally created for the 21st Ludum Dare competition, Caved In was inspired by Minecraft, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, and dungeon crawlers. The goal of the game is to ascend all five levels to reach the surface. Along the way you can collect treasures and save a few stranded ladies. Lava and water flow to fill gaps and will kill you if you stay in them too long. Levels are randomly generated during each play. Full instructions in-game.

This post-compo version includes a proper menu and compass for finding the ladder on each level.

Piggy Fart

Total Plays: 14

Farms.Yes farms.Farms have horses,running around and mesmerising you with their beauty.
Farms have chickens,these little fellows make delicious eggs!Then you have the cows,well ain't the most clean animal in the farm but their milk is a killer.
And lastly you have the pigs.Pigs like many things.
But one thing's for sure.
They fart.Yeah.All day. about playing with them?I know it isn't the most pleasant thing in the world but...who else is gonna do it?

Truck Atack

Total Plays: 14

Destroy all dangerous truck with dangerous load.

World War Fupa

Total Plays: 14

The world is no longer safe, There are fupas roaming free everywhere, destroying everything they get their little hands on, Fly your high technology plane and take them out before they destroy your planet!

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