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Dot Dash
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Total Plays: 13

In this fast-paced challenging game, dash your dot through the level as many times as you can while avoiding the enemy dots. Each time through the level a new enemy dot spawns, making it harder. Use your special moves to dash as long as you can!

Dead Metal

Total Plays: 13

Dead Metal: jump on the spaceship and protect the earth from alien attacks!
Select a mission from the control panel and launch this challenge galactic. Stay inside the orbit prescribed ships and shoot down all the enemy before they damage beyond repair yours.

Space is Key (Chinese)

Total Plays: 13

Chinese version of Space is Key.

Jump through 15 levels worth of pixel exploding mayhem. Such a simple concept, but are you sure you can do it?

Lunar Days Sim Date

Total Plays: 13

A dating simulation for girls! Explore the Emerald World and date up to eight characters.

Robot in the City - Buy a Comic Book

Total Plays: 13

Ritz is a robot. His memory has been erased two times. Can you help him relearn the wonderful and simple things in life with this point-and-click adventure game? Easy to beat the first time, but can you get all three endings?

Christmas Escape 1

Total Plays: 13

Is Christmas and you are trapped in this room. Find objects and clues in order to escape.

Christmas Jump

Total Plays: 13

Everybody knows that Santa is fat and it has never been a problem until one Christmas evening when he's finally got stuck in the chimney and lost all presents. Now a brave elf has a magic rescue mission through 24 different levels and only you can help him to save Christmas. The adventure starts right now!

range rover sport jigsaw

Total Plays: 13

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