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Boby and the Witch

Total Plays: 29

Boby´s girlfriend have been abducted by the Witch! Rescue her in this fast paced love story!

Features 3 worlds with 18 levels.

New Year Escape 1

Total Plays: 29

You are trapped in a room and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

Errors of Reflection: Innercity Life

Total Plays: 29

Make a journey through a mysterious city and visit extraordinary places where reflections don't follow our laws of nature and alter your sense of vision.

Search and find all reflection errors!

"The distinction between appearance and reality is a central part of each mode of reflection. Each leaves open the possibility that what appears to be the case is not. Each mode of reflection, therefore, recognizes the possibility of errors." [John Kekes]

Dibbles 2: Winter Woes
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 29

Help the Dibbles get their King to his destination in their brand new Christmas adventure.

The wintery follow up to Dibbles: For the Greater Good. This time the Dibbles are trekking across the North Pole.

- 44 brand new levels
- New Dibble deaths, including 4 all new skills
- New ice which cracks as Dibbles cross it
- New calming snow effects
- New level skip if you fail a level too many times
- All new music, but fans of the original in-game music can switch to that by toggling the music off and then back on again.

Warm Christmas Room Escape

Total Plays: 29

It is a room escape puzzle point and click game ,Christmas Day is comming, you found yourself were in a beautiful house and saw Santa Claus had braught you Christmas gift.But only clever enough children can get though the hard test,and leave with the gift, Can you do it? You need to find all hidden objects and solve some easy puzzle to get the key of door to escape.


Total Plays: 29

Refugee is a quite typical "escape the room" game. But in this case your objective is escaping from not the one room, but the whole planet.

The main character is a fugitive from the greatest prison in this universe. Unfornately while escaping his spaceship has crashed onto the forbidden by a humanity planet. He woked up in a rusty cold cell, and from this point his only objective was escaping from this place.

Christmas themed hidden object game

Total Plays: 29

Play 3 stage hidden object game, base on Christmas themes. All stages are open.

Highway Mission

Total Plays: 29

get on the highway and complete your mission

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