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Hungry Spider

Total Plays: 39

Spider must eat some fruit because he hungry now, but do not touch the black mushroom.

Bitmap TD3
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 39

The 3rd and final installment of Bitmap Turret Defence, this time with dynamic pathfinding. Stop the creeps from stealing your power orbs. 10 scenarios to experiment with, 8 turrets and a whole load of creeps.

Super Hero Chronicles

Total Plays: 39

Metroman has left for a superhero convention and has left you his sidekick Vectorboy in charge of the city. In only a few hours after Metroman leaves for the convention the city is invaded by aliens and its up to you Vectorboy to save the city. Defend the city and stay alive by collecting powerups and increasing your combo meter in this action packed Defense/SHMUP.

Zombie Canyon China

Total Plays: 39

chinese version of the fwg game

Jennifer Rose: Texas Saloon

Total Plays: 39

Jenny Rose needs a new job again and this time she goes to the Wild Wild West and works in the Texas Saloon. You have to help her to serve hungry customers. There are cowboys and cowgirls, sheriffs, ladies and gentlemen. So, be hurry and don't lose your visitors.

flying shell

Total Plays: 39

Shells always had great power if you can driving it.

Controls the shell to bombing the fort

Target Paintball

Total Plays: 39

Target Paintball Shooting Game.

Mother Bird - Simple Green 3

Total Plays: 39

Find the sons bird, his lost.

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