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"OVER 800 homeless pets are killed EVERY hour due to overpopulation. Please spay/neuter companion pets."



I dedicate 60+ hours weekly to help save animals, not one dime will pass through my hands. I am rewarded in much better ways. Anything that needs to be done for the welfare of animals is in my field. rescues, transports, rallies, investigations, justice, anything. contact me if the need arises, and I will do my best to help you out, or I can at least help direct you to some one who can help you.

I WANT TO GIVE THE PUBLIC THE "BURDEN OF TRUTH" Hoping the majority will act upon their clean conscious AND DO SOMETHING!!!


Please no politicals, perverts,BREEDERS, PUPPY MILLS,spammers or "DRAMA QUEENS" for that matter!

The sole job of this page is to help bring awareness to our on-going crisis , and help shuffle pets from kill shelters to for ever homes. If you are a supporter of puppy mills, don't bother with this page!

I will admit to you now, whenever I come across something educational and/or informative, I may post it as a blog to spread the information of our crisis to the greater public. I will give credit where credit is due, and make sure I post a link to the auther.

All persons, names, and corporations appearing for the sole purpose of allowing members of the public to VOICE their concerns and carryout protests in a LEGAL manner.

Advocate for Saving Dogs will take NO responsibility for actions and activities carried out by the VIEWERS of this page.

I am an animal rights advocate. I am not associated with any one with the exception of myself. I am a radical only in the sense because I will not tolerate any form of domesticated animal abuse. I do not condone any unlawful activity, If I witness any, I will be the animals' advocate and seek justice from you, to the full extent of our governmental law. I want to make it a privilege, and not a right to own a pet. I can never say that enough.

I try to help rescue abandoned, abused, homeless animals, in the United states. I want to help expand shelters' capacities .I also help shelters with thier needs. I promote the humane treatment of all animals.

I take great pride in thinking "out-side of the box". We have alot of great people helping in our furry community, but, I realize we need to try some different ideas...What we as a community are doing now is great, it's more than great, but it's not working on the level every one would like to see it, what is going on now is not sufficient enough, and Advocate for saving dogs wants to help lower the kill-rate in the U.S., and promote more humane methods of euthenization also...

I have seen many cases of abused and neglected animals. What people need to realize is that animals have feelings too and they are all worth saving. They are capable of unconditional love and loyalty. I try to save lives one dog at a time. I am against puppy mills and pet shops! There are many great pets located at your local animal shelter that desperately need a good home. Save a life - adopt from a shelter or rescue and please spay or neuter.


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http://www. friendsofanimals. org/programs/spay-neuter/index. html
Spay and Neuter Certificate Information

Although there are an estimated 100 million cats and dogs kept by responsible and caring people in the United States, there is also a tragic number of these companion animals who suffer horrid cruelties associated with abandonment.
Animal shelters in the U.S. kill about 5.1 million such abandoned pets each year. And uncounted millions more suffer sickness, exposure, starvation and death on the streets of the nation’s cities and towns, and in the fields and forests of the countryside.
From its beginning in 1957, FoA has assumed a leadership role in advocating low-cost spaying and altering as the most effective means of preventing the births of unwanted dogs and cats, and their subsequent abandonment, suffering and mass killing. For more than four decades, we have operated the only nationwide breeding control program in the United States facilitating more than 2 million spay/neuter procedures.
Pet owners may purchase a certificate from Friends of Animals that can be used for a routine spay or neuter surgery at any of FoA’s participating veterinary hospitals.
Spaying and Neutering Certificates may be purchased on-line. Or to order by mail call 1-800-321-PETS (1-800-321-7387) and request an application
The recommended age for spay/neutering is 2-6 months of age.
Female animals should be spayed before their first heat (estrus cycle). They do not need to have a litter before spaying.
FoA certificates are not valid for a cat if the cat is to be declawed.
Cats need their claws for protection and for their physical and mental well-being. Declawing is painful, cruel and psychologically damaging.


LOW COST OR FREE SPAY - NEUTER PROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATEShttp://www. lovethatcat. com/spayneuter. html
Low cost or free spay/neuter for cats, listed by state. Some programs work only with pets of people with low incomes. Some do not consider income but serve only pet cats -- or only feral (untamed) cats. But other programs serve all kinds of people and cats.
http://neuterspay. org/
NeuterSpay. org provides an up to date search-able database of USA Nationwide low cost or free spay & neuter resources for pets and feral cats. You may search by city, state, zip code, county or area code and choose to find resources for pets or feral cats. You will find there are many new listings not found elsewhere, and that many older listings listed elsewhere are not listed as we have checked and found that those resources are defunct. Even though our focus is cats, we've now added low cost and free dog spay and neuter information, too, as available - though there are far fewer such resources than those available for cats, they are increasing in number.
In addition to individual US resources in our database, we also offer listings of USA Nationwide Spay and Neuter Resources as well as resources in Canada and Europe.
There are many more on the net if you search:

http://www. petsandanimals. org/spayneuter_services. html
http://www. spayusa. org/
http://www. pets911. com/services/spayneuter/stamp. php
http://www. facespayneuter. org/
http://www. paw-rescue. org/sn. php
info about Neutersol:
http://www. wonderhowto. com/how-to/video/how-to-neuter-your-pet-without-going-under-the-knife-123382/



This is a comprehensive list of free pet food banks throughout the country as well as low cost spay/neuter clinics and low cost vetting - please cross post far and wide to help those in need.




Here is a link to check out shelters and kill statistics per state!!

http://www. naiashelterproject. org/charts_map. cfm


“Children taught to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations with each other.

Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding – in every respect more valuable citizens

When you teach a child to be kind to animals, you help pave the way to a brighter future for all living beings. Animals benefit because the next generation has learned to treat them with respect and compassion, reducing instances of animal cruelty. Children benefit because learning about compassion and empathy early in life builds moral character, reduces violence, and builds a sense of empowerment and responsibility.

And society as a whole benefits when its members are more caring towards each other and the animals who live among us
Unfortunately, not all children are taught to be kind to animals.

This gap may lead them to tease animals or otherwise disregard their feelings; in the worst cases, it can lead to acts of animal cruelty

Animal cruelty is a heinous act punishable by law in every state, but in recent years, there has been increasing recognition of the link between animal cruelty and violence to other humans as well.

For instance, it's often the case that children who commit animal cruelty have witnessed or been victims of abuse themselves: In roughly one-third of families suffering from domestic abuse, at least one child has hurt or killed a pet, according to two separate studies cited by the Humane Society of the United States

Sadly, violence begets more violence, and those who start off abusing animals often end up abusing people too. People who deliberately abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people, four times more likely to commit property crimes, and three times more likely to have a record for drug abuse or disorderly conduct than those who don't, according to a study by American Humane.

In fact, the FBI reportedly even uses reports of animal cruelty to assess the potential threat posed by suspected and known violent criminals

One solution to ending the violence is humane education, which has recently begun to be widely recognized as an essential part of childhood education.

By reaching children early in life, and focusing on instilling respect and compassion for animals, the goal is to stop potential abusers before they start
So far, the results are encouraging: 98 percent of teachers participating in the Humane Society's humane education program say that it has increased their students' concern about animal welfare. And there are other humane education programs as well. But even if you're not a teacher, there are many things you can do to help teach children to be kind to animals.

The lessons they learn will last a lifetime

~Teach by example! Children learn much of what they know by watching those around them, so one of the best ways to teach children is by showing them that you care about animals. Take good care of your pets, including spaying and neutering them; involve children in building bird houses or walking shelter dogs.

Speak out when you see animals being mistreated, and encourage children to do the same

~Volunteer to visit a classroom, club or other group of children and talk to kids about kindness to animals.

Many local animal shelters and humane societies already have programs in place for humane education, so it's a good idea to start by talking to them first
Humane Education Links

Thanks Kindness of Strangers Kucinich Rocks!

Thanks Kindness of Strangers Kucinich Rocks!
The National Humane Education Society

Humane Education Programs


21st Century C. A. R. E. S.

ASPCA Education

World Animal Net

Teach Kind. org

Virtual School Library/Humane Education

Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary



Significant correlations between animal abuse, child abuse

The National Link Coalition

Over the past 25 years, researchers and professionals in a variety of human services and animal welfare disciplines have established significant correlations between animal abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, elder abuse and other forms of violence. For example, mistreating animals is a warning sign that others in the household may not be safe.

The National Link Coalition is here to increase awareness of it and stop the cycle of violence that often affects multiple family members. To achieve this critical goal, we need your help

Read more about The Link

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Enyarwen wrote at July 20, 8:03:41 am

Sweet day dear friends ... a moment of peace to relax .... Have a nice time *** Love ♥

Douce journée les amis ... un temps de paix pour se relaxer .... passez un bon moment *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 17, 9:48:58 am

Great new week to all ... at work or vacation .... Sending kisses to my friends *** Love ♥

Super semaine à tous ... au travail ou en vacances ... J'envoie des bisous à tous mes amis *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 14, 10:38:44 am

Happy week end to all .... I leave you with Marie Antoinette ... in this special day ... because I can't approve the way so many people died at this time and her, 4 years later .... ♥

Joyeux week end à tous ... je vous laisse avec Marie Antoinette ... en ce jour particulier ... parce que je ne peux approuver la façon dont tant de gens sont morts à cette époque, et elle, 4 ans plus tard ......... ♥

Elle était juste une femme

Quittant ton pays
Et tout ceux que tu chérissais
Pour une autre terre
Pour un futur roi
Que tu n avais jamais vu
Quel était ton rêve
Dans cette nouvelle vie
Tu voulais simplement être aimée
Mais finalement tu t'es sentie si triste
Et te désespérais tant
Trouvant le bonheur
Dans les frivolités
Et lorsqu' arriva un doux amant
Tu as trouvé une raison d'espérer
Des jours meilleurs
Dans une folle passion
Alors vinrent les heures sombres
Qui pouvait comprendre
Que tu n'étais juste qu'une femme

Text by Eny

Enyarwen wrote at July 11, 10:26:53 am

Mysterious and ageless, she travels through time ... maybe you've met her, or you will ... and you'll never forget this Lady Smile

Mystérieuse et sans âge, elle voyage à travers le temps ... peut être l'avez vous rencontrée, ou vous en aurez l'occasion .... et vous n'oublierez jamais cette Dame Smile

Enyarwen wrote at July 8, 9:05:14 am

Meadows Full Moon next night at 06:08:31 ... Time for joy, first harvest of summer, for collecting herbs and plants ... new life .... Many blessings to all ♥

Pleine Lune des Prés de Juillet 2017 la nuit prochaine à 06:08:31... C'est e temps de la joie, des premières récoltes de l'été, de cueillir des herbes et des plantes ... une vie nouvelle ... Bénédictions pour tous ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 6, 9:14:21 am

Something refreshing in these warm days ... Far from crowded beaches, a quiet moment on shore , to admire waves ... Love ♥

Quelque chose de rafraîchissant en ces jours chauds ... Loin des pages surpeuplées, un moment tranquille sur le rivage , en admirant les vagues ... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 3, 9:36:16 am

Beautiful and romantic start to all **** Happy new week *** Love ♥

Pour un démarrage beau et romantique Smile Joyeuse nouvelle semaine *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at July 1, 10:35:40 am

Wonderful July to all *** Enjoy the Flower Duet of Lakmé (Léo Delibes) *** Love, Light and Joy ♥

Merveilleux Juillet à tous *** Appréciez Le Duo des Fleurs de Lakmé (Léo Delibes) *** Amour, Lumière et Joie ♥

Enyarwen wrote at June 28, 9:20:18 am

Harry, Sherlock, the Doctor .... I'm fan and I will be ... always *** Enjoy *** Love ♥

Harry, Sherlock, le Docteur ... j'en suis fan et le serai ... toujours *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at June 26, 8:50:00 am

Victor Hugo (1802-1885) one of the greatest French authors .... His works are timeless .... Have a peaceful week dear friends *** ♥

Victor Hugo (1802-1885), un des plus grands auteurs Français ... Ses oeuvres sont intemporelles ... Passez une paisible semaine chers amis *** ♥

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