Richard Anthony wrote at October 6, 11:08:23 am

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at October 6, 9:50:58 am

....Like whispers of despair,
One can hear the leaves echo their solace,
Yet in their last moments they burst with color,
A forest of fire and passion so intense it burns itself out almost as quick as it came,
Leaving nothing behind but a memory of what it once was.....Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
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Richard Anthony wrote at July 11, 8:25:48 pm

Calling on each other, if we needed a hand
I knew you’d be there, to help me stand
Sometimes drowned worries, sometimes not
Whatever we learned, we soon forgot

We spoke a lot of words, some that we’ll regret
And did a lot of things, some we will forget
And when the Summer left, as quickly as it came
We knew it in an instant, life would never be the same. Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
Anna Nicole RIP wrote at June 5, 6:08:55 pm
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Anna Nicole RIP
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