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It's not exactly what I wanted to do but at least I got me some purple.
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Just what exactly is one supposed to put in here? My favorite color is purple and I can't wait until I'm old enough to be rude and obnoxious and have everyone around me make excuses for my behavior.

Who I'd Like to Meet

Obviously someone that I don't already know since I've already met them.

Richard Anthony wrote at July 27, 11:11:30 pm

Relaxation affirmations are basically little statements that you can
repeat to yourself that will remind you that a relaxed life is better
than a hectic one. For example, you might say to yourself: "I choose to
be calm in this moment, and in every moment."

Love & Blessings~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 25, 11:40:05 pm

♥ Making A Wish:.
.:hold a star in your hand and let it shine.:
.:make a wish and sail through time.:
.:keep a smile and not a frown.:
.:fly away and don't look down ♥
† Love & Hugs, Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 23, 11:26:23 pm

    How do you measure one's heart?
    Is it by the bond that a heart acquires,
    from a heart that beats in tune.
    Resonating the greatest sound

    A heart can be measured in many ways,
    but the love that it creates,
    is beyond any scale a man can make..

    Love & Hugs ~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 21, 2:28:57 pm

Your soft lips
Grazing my ear.

It tickles
And warms me up.

"I love you."
You say.

I laugh and
Push you away.

I sprint along the golden
Wheat fields.

You chase after

You say you'll catch me,
I laugh.

Your arms grab me
From behind.

You pull me in
And hold me tight.

We stand still
A part of the fields.

The wheats tickle my

And you
Tickle my heart.

Together for the summer..Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 19, 8:55:42 pm

Every thing you do leaves your hand print on the Whole Universe

Some people come into our lives

and quickly go.

Some stay for a while

and leave footprints on our hearts.

And we are never, ever the same..


"You meet people who forget you.

You forget people you meet.

But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget.

Those are your FRIENDS."

Thank you so much for your Friendship! 

Love Always~Richard

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Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 18, 12:29:56 am

An aurora of peace and happiness, 
The tender touch of love struck me down, unprepared, 
When I looked into your eyes. 
My heart was like stone, 
Hiding away all pain. 
Not allowing me to feel. 
All it took was for you to say, “I love you,” 
To free my heart. 
Now I love and it’s thanks to you.
I can say with all my heart..

Peace Love & Happiness Always, Richard Anthony

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 15, 11:30:42 pm

New Moon Blessings~Love & Hugs~Richard

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Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 13, 2:12:53 pm

Let your light shine
Be a source of strength and courage
Share your wisdom
Radiate love...
Love & Blessings~ Richard
For a Beautiful week!

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 10, 10:45:10 pm

It is always a good day to be grateful for all of life -
grateful for large blessings and small.
Especially to be grateful for the symbolic blessings -
the rainbows and butterflies that come into our lives
what we least expect and most need them..

With much Love
and gratitude...
Peace & Love Always

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 9, 12:22:14 pm

I take a slow even breath and clear my mind.
I feel my mind becoming more and more clear and this brings a quiet smile to my face.
Into my clear mind I place thoughts of love & joy, kindness & encouragement.
I see beautiful lights in the darkness of the void.
I combine these images with the feelings of love and joy and let them go.
knowing that they will create positive energy and good in the world...

May All Your Sweetest Dreams Come True <3
Love Always, Richard

Richard Anthony
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