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It's not exactly what I wanted to do but at least I got me some purple.
About Me

Just what exactly is one supposed to put in here? My favorite color is purple and I can't wait until I'm old enough to be rude and obnoxious and have everyone around me make excuses for my behavior.

Who I'd Like to Meet

Obviously someone that I don't already know since I've already met them.

Richard Anthony wrote at August 23, 12:59:58 pm

Let your light shine
Be a source of strength and courage
Share your wisdom
Radiate love...
Love & Blessings & Sweetest Dreams~ Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 19, 11:27:10 pm

Are you the one
That enters my dreams
The one I keep dreaming of
Are you the one my heart
Calls out to
I close my eyes
And I see you there
With flowers in your hair
There's music in the air..Love & Hugs~Richard

Somewhere only we know.. <KittenHime's Contest> by serafleur

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 16, 7:33:28 pm

I could hold my breath counting the number of stars I see in your eyes,
Stretch my fingertips to graze the surface of your lips,
And slowly, tenderly,
Fall in love with the way you look at me every time.. Love & Blessings~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 11, 11:09:59 pm

I met you in a dream once
We walked hand in hand
Along the gentle tide of the sea
As it caressed the soft warm sand..

This was your dream
A place where you could be alone
But you welcomed me into your dream
As if it were my own..

I heard you sing to me once
When my mind was in pain
Your voice soothed my aching muscles
And made me feel strong again..

This was your song
One you could sing alone
But you shared with me the melody
As if it were my own..Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 9, 10:11:22 pm

With in our hearts a river flows
a place were only one thing grows
sometimes the waters can be rough
And often make our lives very tough
from this river are many streams
that hold all our hopes and dreams
and on the shore are many voices
of friends and family and many choices
they guide us as we move ever along
and help us to continue swimming strong
for this river from our hearts that flows
is the place where Love grows..Love & Hugs~Richard


Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 8, 11:52:38 pm

If you can heal a wound with a kiss,
Or fight monsters with the shine of your light.
If you can trust Cupid's arrow to never miss,
Or swear you've witnessed angels take flight.
If you can keep your virtue,
Embracing the light within you,
Bursting forth with tremendous verve!

Wishing You A Magical Night With Love~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 7, 11:14:29 pm

There’s always a hope for peace
There’s always hope the fighting will cease

No reason to take problems on your own
No reason to have only sadness shown

There’s always the gentle touch of love
There’s always the trust in the one above

No reason to settle for the strife
No reason to not see the value of your life

There’s always the comfort of a friend
There’s always the will to make sorrow end..

something more..Love & Peace Always~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 4, 12:26:46 am

♥ The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's 
heart ♥ Love & Hugs ♥ Magical Night <3 Richard

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A heartbeat passes; eternity lingers, as
Words falter on the cusp of my breath
And scatter like jewels made of glass.
I bend to my knees, but already she is gone,
Stolen away like the memory of an almost kiss
On the doorway farewell of long ago...

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at August 1, 9:18:27 pm


"Overlooking The Sea, Contemplating The Waves 
As They Kiss The Shores Ever So Gently"
~ Nicolas Guillen

How Much Do I Love You...
Let Me Count The Waves!

Wishing You A Peaceful Day...
And A Wonderful Night!

Peace,Love & Light Always,


Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 30, 12:49:21 pm

trickling down like vines on the height 
dripping of softness-
ensconced within 
an eternity of night-
the beauty of moonlight..

Happy 15th of Av to my Jewish friends ..Maidens dance in the vinyards for Love!

Full Moon Blessings & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
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