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It's not exactly what I wanted to do but at least I got me some purple.
About Me

Just what exactly is one supposed to put in here? My favorite color is purple and I can't wait until I'm old enough to be rude and obnoxious and have everyone around me make excuses for my behavior.

Who I'd Like to Meet

Obviously someone that I don't already know since I've already met them.

Richard Anthony wrote at October 6, 11:08:23 am

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at October 6, 9:50:58 am

....Like whispers of despair,
One can hear the leaves echo their solace,
Yet in their last moments they burst with color,
A forest of fire and passion so intense it burns itself out almost as quick as it came,
Leaving nothing behind but a memory of what it once was.....Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at July 11, 8:25:48 pm

Calling on each other, if we needed a hand
I knew you’d be there, to help me stand
Sometimes drowned worries, sometimes not
Whatever we learned, we soon forgot

We spoke a lot of words, some that we’ll regret
And did a lot of things, some we will forget
And when the Summer left, as quickly as it came
We knew it in an instant, life would never be the same. Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at April 24, 9:35:31 pm

Play with fire and be burned
Or gain what has been yearned

Reflect on water and see far
Or waved images of cloud and star

Push past small fears and pain
Because no storm is forever..Love & Hugs~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at April 17, 9:56:12 pm

We'll fly beyond the storm clouds and we'll watch from up above,
I'll cover you in rainbows as we feel each others' love;
You'll shower in the stars at midnight in our special place,
I'll dry you with a comet's tail and kiss your beaming face.

Dreamy drifting panorama, changing every day,
Every night your loving smile will be my milky way,
The moon will wane before us, sailing there in heaven's height,
For nothing else can challenge our love's everlasting light.
Love & Hugs ~ Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at April 14, 10:24:47 pm

You found her washed up on the shore,
drawing pictures of her flickering soul,
and knew she was too unsteady to love.
when you reached for her heart,
your hands got cut and tangled
in her splintered rib cage

you smiled at your bleeding fingers
because you've always loved a challenge..Love & Hugs ~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at March 17, 9:23:16 pm

While this music is still playing hot
Put your arms around my neck
And let me show you what I got
And if you can keep
Those pretty eyes
From smiling in my direction
Then you'll win and I'll give up
Following my obsession
But either way
You need to know
The power you have at hand
For when your Irish eyes are smiling
There is nothing more beautiful in the land..Love & Hugs ~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at January 10, 2:32:37 pm

Ten years will get behind you before you know it. then it's twenty and you look back. Your bag filled with wisdom. Wisdom is experience you pick up by living life first hand. Experiencing joy, happiness, anger, sadness, regrets, huge losses. Having love, losing love, getting love again. Family, friends, faces and places. If you look back and ponder you'll always ask yourself what if. Ask why not while you push on ahead. Tell your stories to young minds. Hope the smart ones grasp the message and don't make the same mistakes. Our time here is a gift and that gift is constantly fleeting.. Love & Hugs ~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at December 30, 12:40:03 am

Every thing you do leaves your hand print on the Whole Universe

Some people come into our lives

and quickly go.

Some stay for a while

and leave footprints on our hearts.

And we are never, ever the same..


Understanding the dynamics of love can improve our relationships ― and the success of our entire nation.

"You meet people who forget you.

You forget people you meet.

But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget.

Those are your FRIENDS."

Thank you so much for your Friendship! 

Love Always~Richard

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony wrote at December 24, 2:55:21 pm

Merry Christmas!  Sending All My Love~Richard

Richard Anthony
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