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I am a Visionary Soul. Character traits of the Visionary Soul include: "Good instincts, intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, makes a good healer. Connected to things spiritual, connected to their soul, curious in an unconscious state of awareness, wise, bright, able to reason and be reasonable. Has great vision, very insightful, profound, perceptive, a good judge of character. Not always practical, can be unrealistic. Has a remarkable imagination and the tendency to daydream. A thinker, very moral, has an inquiring mind and a great amount of common sense. Highly sensitive, which inclines them toward being more sympathetic and empathetic toward others. As a friend, is loyal, concerned, forgiving."

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i have to be me, to be real to self, than can i be real to others

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i love twilight

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Enyarwen wrote at April 18, 8:48:31 am

April has always been considered as a special month , affecting more than other months sensitive people .... tomorrow Moon will be pink ... and even if we can't see that color, we can be .... hypnotized Wink Love ♥

Music by Hainbach

Avril a toujours été considéré comme un mois spécial, affectant, plus que les autres mois, les personnes sensibles. Demain, la Lune sera rose, et même si nous ne pouvons pas en voir la couleur, nous pouvons être ... hypnotisés Wink Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 17, 8:19:17 am

Bilbo is symbol of friendship and bravery ... his story is full of aventures and always with love and loyalty .... Happy midweek dear friends ♥

Bilbon est le symbole de l'amitié et du courage ... Son histoire est pleine d'aventures et toujours dans avec amour et loyauté *** Beau mercredi chers amis ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 15, 7:43:28 am

Holidays for some of you, not yet for others .... Do you fancy a walk in woods, in very special spots .... magic granted Smile Have a beautiful week **** Love ♥

Music by Ann Annie

Certains d'entre vous sont en vacances, d'autres pas encore ... Envie d'une promenade dans les bois ... en des lieux très spéciaux ... magie garantie Smile Belle semaine à tous *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 13, 6:07:21 am

I wish you an excellent week end, relaxing, dreaming and enjoying your time **** Open the chest .... Smile Love ♥

Music by Jeremy Blake

Je vous souhaite un excellent week end, relaxez vous, prenez le temps de rêver, et de profiter de votre temps *** Ouvrez le coffre ... Smile Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 11, 6:41:02 am

There are days we think about one person missing in our life, and suddently, we're overwhelmed by sadness .... time flies and we feel better.... we're just humans after all ........... Love ♥

Music by Silent Partner

Il y a des jours où nous pensons à une personne disparue de notre vie, et soudain nous sommes submergés par la tristesse ... le temps passe et nous nous sentons mieux ... nous sommes juste humains après tout .... Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 10, 6:52:31 am

A mix of the movie and the animation ... for my pleasure, and yours I hope *** ♥

Music by Quincas Moreira

Un mix du film et de l'animation, pour mon plaisir, et le vôtre j'espère *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 8, 5:53:37 am

Nice new week to each of you, dear friends .... Can't see you all, but I can think of you and whish you a fine Monday Smile Love ♥

Belle semaine à chacun de vous, chers amis ... Je ne peux pas tous vous voir, mais je peux penser à vous et vous souhaiter un excellent Lundi Smile Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 5, 5:42:55 am

Each door we open reveals a surprise ... and we open many ones in life .... Have a peaceful day ... thanks for watching ... Love ♥

Music by Mylar Melodies

Chaque porte révèle une surprise, et durant la vie, nous en ouvrons pas mal ... Passez une journée paisible ... Merci de votre visite *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 3, 4:38:19 am

A little fiction on the theme 'Help me, save me' .... my imagination of course ... but along life, we often need help, don't we .... Have a sweet day ♥

Music by Hainbach

Une petite fiction sur le thème 'Aidez moi, sauvez moi' ... mon imagination bien sûr, mais durant notre vie, nous avons souvent besoin d'aide, n'est ce pas .... Douce journée ♥

Enyarwen wrote at April 1, 10:02:21 am

Happy April Fool, and don't ask where are the fishes, cats have eaten them all Wink Nice week to all *** ♥

Music by Kevin McLeod

Joyeux 1er Avril, et ne me demandez pas où sont les poissons, les chats les ont tous mangés Wink Bonne semaine à tous *** ♥

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