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Hi,My Name is Paul,my profile name is latin form of Paul. Married to wife Mary.

Married aug 1983 to each other after we became Good Friends. To the union we have 3 children 2 girls ages 20 and 26 and one boy who is 22. He is getting Married september 2012. The 20 year old lives in South Dakota. While the 26 year old is Married and has our only Grand Baby named Keira Leigh born jan 13,2010.

Mary lost her Dad her Senior year of High School,least I got to Meet Him. Her mother is still very much still going,but can tell old age is creeping up with her as she loses her siblings. Paul lost his Mother a week before xmas 2003 and Dad Valentines 2010 and then to beat all their house burned a week before xmas 2010. Been a tough Year.But that is Life,so now we have our Cats 5 of them and sons Dog living with Us.

Having Been on Many social sites since 2006,made some very Nice Friends,sadly they scattered a lot when Myspace messed up in late 2010.

My wife is all about facebook,its just best that ways I think we do our own thing online-we tried being on Myspace togather,sometimes I was off doing something else when she would try to message me,so she got upset,so now we do our own things and is best,so no worries we are adults and married long time,so no jealousy issues.Prob old too old to train other partners anyhow by now LOL JK

My Profile Pik is one I like and Hopefully My Friends feel comfortable with. If I wanted to Be more real,I would Post real Piks if it mattered online,Just safer I think as who knows where they show up if someone gets mad at you over some simple little thing-I also have a rare last Name,so I never post it as not wanting people to show up at My Door step.You can message me and be Happy to share the simple details with you OK-but I find most just r here like me,for a little fun !!!

Who I'd Like to Meet

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We are Happy with the Love n Friendship we Have Built over the years ~~ Here to share with some Nice Friends is All !!!

That's all I Offer here and I enjoy the trading of Comments-try to post what My Friends Might like !!!

Enyarwen wrote at January 18, 10:34:20 am

A tour in old London, as we can see in books and documentaries ... and some great figures who let a print in history ... Have a nice day ♥

Music : I Vow to Thee, My Country

Un tour du vieux Londres, tel qu'on le voit dans les livres ou les documentaires ... et quelques visages célèbres qui ont laissé une empreinte dans l'histoire ... Passez une belle journée ♥

Enyarwen wrote at January 16, 10:49:08 am

A special book to read today ... if you want to dream a bit .... hope you're all fine *** Love ♥

Un livre spécial à lire aujourd'hui ... si vous avez envie de rêver un peu ... j'espère que vous allez tous bien *** Love ♥

Music by South London HiFi

Enyarwen wrote at January 14, 10:56:53 am

The Three , always together, in different ways, are on the path ... till this world changes .... follow the Elf, the Angel and the Fae in their adventures **** Love ♥

Le Trio, toujours ensemble, mais de diverses façons, sont sur le sentier jusqu'à ce que ce monde change ... suivez l'Elfe, l'Ange et la Fée dans leurs aventures *** Love ♥

Music by Geographer

Enyarwen wrote at January 12, 10:56:40 am

A beautiful song by Kate Rusby to wish you a nice week end, happy times and good cocooning too Smile Love ♥

Une belle chanson de Kate Rusby pour vous souhaiter un week end sympa, de joyeux moments et aussi du temps pour 'cocooner' Smile Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at January 10, 10:31:18 am

Winter is settled and spreads its coldness
Not a bit of greenery is now safe
The great time of silence stretches its armor
To preserve the world in a long night.

The road yesterday still, covered with brown earth
Welcomed yellow leaves and wet foams,
Puddles of scattered water, illuminated by the moon
Reflect the ballets of the mischievous sylphids ...

This morning every step sinks into the soft snow
Perceiving under the layer the hardness of the soil.
Odours are frozen in an icy atmosphere
And the songs of the birds come as muffled

Walking through the trees strewn with diamonds
Long and dark skeletons in the same clothes
Slightly rolled, they form an arch
Honouring my passage in a brilliant greeting…

© L'âme d'hiver *** Chantal Duros aka Eny 2005

Hiver est installé et répand sa froidure
Pas un brin de verdure qui ne soit à l’abri
Le grand temps de silence étire son armure
Pour préserver le monde dans une longue nuit.

Le chemin hier encore, couvert de terre brune
Accueillait les feuilles jaunes et les mousses humides,
Des flaques d’eau éparses, éclairées par la lune
Refletaient les ballets des mutines sylphides…

Ce matin chaque pas s’enfonce dans la neige molle
Percevant sous la couche la dureté du sol.
Les odeurs sont figées dans une ambiance glacée
Et les chants des oiseaux parviennent comme feutrés.

J’avance entre les arbres parsemés de diamants
Squelettes longs et sombres dans une même vêture
Légèrement ployés, ils forment une voussure
Honorant mon passage en un salut brillant…

Music by Eveningland

Enyarwen wrote at January 8, 10:30:30 am

To all friends who love these beautiful wolves ... and desire to protect them ********** ♥

Pour tous les amis qui aiment ces beaux loups et désirent les protéger ************** ♥

Music by Jeremy Blake

Enyarwen wrote at January 6, 11:10:00 am

A Sunday in ancient and current Paris ... for the fun and memories Smile Have a sweet day ♥

Un Dimanche à Paris, l'ancien et l'actuel ... pour le plaisir et les souvenirs Smile Passez une douce journée ♥

Hyperfun by Kevin MacLeod

Enyarwen wrote at January 4, 11:11:43 am

I played with pictures ... and effects Smile Have a sweet week end **** Love ♥

Je me suis amusée avec les images, et les effets Smile Passez un doux week end *** Love ♥

Music : Blazing Nights of Light

Enyarwen wrote at January 2, 10:44:03 am

Calm and serenity close to ocean ... wonders of winter which has taken of the shores ... Have a sweet midweek *** ♥

Calme et sérénité près de l'océan ... merveilles de l"hiver qui s'est emparé des rivages ... Passez une belle journée *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at December 30, 9:41:28 am

As 2018 is fading away, I want to wish you all a peaceful and beautiful New Year ... Friends of different horizons, different beliefs, different colors, we are One ............. Love and Light ♥

Comme 2018 s'efface peu à peu ... je veux vous souhaiter à tous une belle et pacifique Nouvelle Année ... Amis de divers horizons, de différentes croyances, de différentes couleurs, nous somme UN ... Amour et Lumière ♥

Aretes by Kevin MacLeod

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