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Hi,My Name is Paul,my profile name is latin form of Paul. Married to wife Mary.

Married aug 1983 to each other after we became Good Friends. To the union we have 3 children 2 girls ages 20 and 26 and one boy who is 22. He is getting Married september 2012. The 20 year old lives in South Dakota. While the 26 year old is Married and has our only Grand Baby named Keira Leigh born jan 13,2010.

Mary lost her Dad her Senior year of High School,least I got to Meet Him. Her mother is still very much still going,but can tell old age is creeping up with her as she loses her siblings. Paul lost his Mother a week before xmas 2003 and Dad Valentines 2010 and then to beat all their house burned a week before xmas 2010. Been a tough Year.But that is Life,so now we have our Cats 5 of them and sons Dog living with Us.

Having Been on Many social sites since 2006,made some very Nice Friends,sadly they scattered a lot when Myspace messed up in late 2010.

My wife is all about facebook,its just best that ways I think we do our own thing online-we tried being on Myspace togather,sometimes I was off doing something else when she would try to message me,so she got upset,so now we do our own things and is best,so no worries we are adults and married long time,so no jealousy issues.Prob old too old to train other partners anyhow by now LOL JK

My Profile Pik is one I like and Hopefully My Friends feel comfortable with. If I wanted to Be more real,I would Post real Piks if it mattered online,Just safer I think as who knows where they show up if someone gets mad at you over some simple little thing-I also have a rare last Name,so I never post it as not wanting people to show up at My Door step.You can message me and be Happy to share the simple details with you OK-but I find most just r here like me,for a little fun !!!

Who I'd Like to Meet

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We are Happy with the Love n Friendship we Have Built over the years ~~ Here to share with some Nice Friends is All !!!

That's all I Offer here and I enjoy the trading of Comments-try to post what My Friends Might like !!!

Enyarwen wrote at November 16, 11:26:40 am

To wish you a great week end .... Epic time, with Immortals and Theseus my fav, a movie I will watch again Smile Enjoy, have fun *** Love ♥

Music : Vides

Pour vous souhaiter un week end génial ... Un moment épique, avec

Les Immortels et Thésée mon préféré... Passez du bon temps *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 14, 11:06:14 am

Sometimes waiting can be exciting, because the time before an event is often better than the event itself ... sometimes waiting is a real suffering ... our life is made of waitings, all sorts, all nature, and all depends the way we go through .... Have a wonderful day *** ♥ Love ♥

Music by Asher Fulero

Parfois l'attente peut être excitante, parce que le temps avant un événement est souvent meilleur que l'événement lui-même ... parfois l'attente est une souffrance réelle ... notre vie est faite d'attentes, toutes sortes, de toutes natures et tout dépend de la façon dont nous les traversons .... Passez une merveilleuse journée *** ♥ Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 12, 11:40:43 am

Lake was quiet, and suddently, a phantomatic shape appeared to me ... as from the past ... watching me with white eyes .... I wasn't afraid ... I was attracted ... Smile Well this month is for ghosts all along ... so happy week dear friends **** ♥

Music : Upside Down

Le Lac était calme et soudain, une forme fantômatique apparut ... comme venant du passé ... me regardant de ses yeux blancs ... je n'avais pas peur, j'étais attirée ... Smile Hé bien ce mois est celui des revenants ... donc belle semaine mes amis *** ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 9, 11:18:22 am

Another song by Kate Rusby ... beautiful and moving ... I chose this time Keira Knightley for my video, because I appreciate a lot this actress ... Have a great day *** Love ♥

Une autre chanson de Kate Rusby ... belle et émouvante ... J'ai choisi cette fois pour ma vidéo Keira Knightley, une actrice que j'apprécie beaucoup *** Passez une excellente journée *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 7, 11:21:07 am

Today represents exactly the soul of this season ... rain, wind, then blue sky, and again darkness and rain .... I enjoy it very much *** Wish you to feel this soul though your heart and appreciate the moment *** Love ♥

Music by Travis A. King

Aujourd'hui représente excatement l'âme de cette saison ... pluie, vent, puis ciel bleu et à nouveau assombrissement et pluie ... j'adore ça et je vous souhaite de ressentir cette âme dans votre coeur et d'apprécier le moment *** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 5, 11:31:25 am

Mary Stuart (1542-1587) had a special and sad destiny . Queen of France, shortly, she went back to Scotland as Queen of Scots, but conflicts of religion made her always manipulated by politics and people ... In my end is my beginning, her last words ... indeed, her son James 1rst of England is the ancestor of actual Queen Elizabeth II *** ♥

Mary Stuart (1542-1587), eut une destinée spéciale et plutôt triste . Reine de France, très brièvement, elle retourna en Ecosse en tant que Reine de ce pays, mais les conflits religieux firent qu'elle fut toujours manipulée par la politique et les gens autour d'elle ... En ma fin est mon commencement ... ses derniers mots ... en effet son fils Jacques 1er d'Angleterre, est l'ancêtre de l'actuelle Reine Elizabeth II *** ♥

Song by Marco Hietala (Nightwish)

Enyarwen wrote at November 3, 11:15:59 am

Castles and romantism ... Smile Have a nice week end my friends ... all around the world **** Love ♥

Châteaux et romantisme ... Smile Passez un super week end mes amis ... tout autour du monde **** Love ♥

Enyarwen wrote at November 1, 11:59:13 am

After festivities, time comes to have some fresh air, long walk in woods, and prepare ourselves to this awesome month, often misunderstood, because of its greyness .... it's a time of reflection, meditation, we have to cherish the inner light more than ever ..... Beautiful November to all ♥

Music by Michel Pépé

Après des festivités, le temps vient de prendre l'air bien frais, marcher longtemps dans des bois et nous préparer à ce mois merveilleux, souvent mal compris, à cause de sa grisaille .... c'est un temps de réflexion, de méditation, nous devons chérir la lumière intérieure plus que jamais..... Beau novembre à tous ♥♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 31, 11:23:41 am

Ready for the last day of October ? Enjoy the next night and meet your fav witches and wizards ... Love and Light, anyway, always triumph **** HUgs ♥

Prêts pour le dernier jour d'Octobre? Profitez bien de la nuit prochaine, rencontrez vos sorcières et magiciens préférés ... De toute façon, l' Amour et la Lumière triomphent toujours Smile *** Bisous ♥

Enyarwen wrote at October 29, 11:19:10 am

Happy, funny, creepy Halloween **** Watch terrific movies and share sweets, or tricks Wink *** Bloody kisses to all Smile

Music by Jeremy Blake

Joyeux, terrifiant, amusant Halloween *** Regardez des films d'épouvante, partagez des bonbons ou des sorts Wink Bisous sanglants à tous Smile

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